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“Every Woman Deserves Autonomy Over Her Body” – #SaggyBoobsMatter

Women’s breasts are supposed to be none other than perky, plump and perfect, at least that’s what our society tells us. The alteration and control over women’s bodies have been at the forefront of American media and the beauty industry. For years, women have been told that we should be chasing this image of a ‘perfect body’, that we will essentially never achieve and our boobs are no exception to this judgment. We see in the media that women’s breasts are supposed to look perfectly round and plump throughout our lives, and if your boobs do not look like what you see on TV, then prepare for years of body and boob shaming.

Chidera Eggerue is breaking the notion that women’s breasts are supposed to be ‘perfect’ and essentially ageless with her new hashtag, #SaggyBoobsMatter. The 23-year-old blogger and author addressed the idea that women’s breasts come in all different shapes and sizes and it’s time we start taking control of our bodies. Eggerue spoke of her struggle to embrace her ‘saggy boobs’ at a young age on This Morning, stating “I realized that there’s a particular standard being placed upon us as women in society and that standard is being reinforced by the things we see on packaging. I remember I was a lot younger and I’d go to M&S, to get my bra fitting done, which is what you’d normally do and when I tried the bra on according to my ‘correct size’ that was given to me, my boobs still wouldn’t look like the person on the packaging and I thought ‘Oh my gosh what’s going on here? I feel strange, what’s wrong with me?’…it was way too early in my life for me to start disliking myself…it doesn’t matter your body shape or your body size, any woman can have saggy boobs at any age.”

What I love about Chidera Eggerue is that she is unafraid to go against the grain,  take charge and be proud of her ‘saggy boobs’. She is absolutely right in saying that women face such a harsh standard and so much pressure in society to chase this image of perfect boobs when in reality women’s breasts come in so many shapes and sizes. And to add on, there is absolutely nothing with having saggy boobs, whether you’re younger or older, whether you’ve had children or not, women’s bodies are beautiful as they are and we should not let anyone tell us otherwise. Chidera Eggerue is an inspiration to all women on accepting our bodies and the #SaggyBoobsMatter movement is all about it!

In light of accepting the beautiful shapes and sizes of our boobs, here’s a chart that’s just the tip of the iceberg on the various shapes and sizes of breasts. So ladies, how do you feel about the #SaggyBoobsMatter movement?

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Jahasia Cooper graduated from Wells College with a BA in International Cultures and a minor in Communications Studies. Her favorite dessert is anything strawberry-flavored or with caramel and her kryptonite is natural hair products! You can catch her binge-watching Rick & Morty or at The Grind for her daily cup of joe!
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