End of Semester Reflections: Charles Iwuoha

Charles Iwuoha is a Junior at Wells College and is studying Political Science. He is on the men’s Lacrosse team and is President of his class (2019). As we are in our final days of the semester, I think it is important and helpful to reflect on the semester in terms of our growth, our struggles, memorable moments and everything else in between. I asked Charles to reflect on some aspects of his Junior years at Wells.

What has your junior year in college taught you?

Junior year has taught me to take a break and enjoy the little things. Often we think it takes something major to add excitement to our lives and when things don’t end up the way we plan, we end up disappointed. Finding little ways to be happy is just as important, Also, don’t be afraid to take a leap. Try new things like running for student government positions, meet new people, engage in new conversations.

What has been the most challenging part of this academic year?

Balancing my academic with athletics. To be able to give my attention, my passion, and focus to both my academics and athletics at the same time is the hardest thing to do. Sometimes they interfere with each other, and you have to make compromises to satisfy each one. It’s an interesting task that I've learned to tolerate, and to an extent, enjoy.

What is the most memorable moment of your Spring semester at Wells?

My most memorable time has been being with my lacrosse team, just because we’ve spent so much time together: at practice, home games, away games. It takes up a huge chunk of the semester that it is difficult not to have most of my memories of the school year be made up of the lacrosse season. If I were to pick one moment, it would be the senior game. It served as a send-off to some of my best teammates friends. It’s one of those things that makes you emotional.

What is some advice you would give to the class of 2022?

Come in here with an open mind and let the place introduce itself to you. Preconceived notions can live and die hard in a place like Wells.

What’s the first thing you’re doing when you’re done with finals?

After finals, I am getting the hell out of here! I am going home to see my little brother. Peace out.

Take some time you reflect on your own experience. Time flies, and sometimes we do not notice all the good things that life in college has to offer. What are some huge changes that you went through this academic year? What are you most proud of?  What is your most memorable moment?