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Don’t Fear, Your Skin Will Clear!

Acne has always been a problem for me since I was 8 years old. I was always going to the dermatologist and trying drug-store skin care products. Unfortunately, nothing worked! Throughout my early teen years, I gave up on my skin and I didn’t really have much confidence. When I turned 19, I started paying attention to how I ate and I realized that I spent way too much time stress-eating foods that weren’t good for my skin. Yes, I ate healthy regularly but when it came around to my time of the month or crunch time for assignments I would eat all the sweet, salty and spicy foods that were really toxic for my skin. I started drinking water, aloe juice and consistently drinking different types of hot tea with honey and lemon.

Over this recent summer, I realized that I wanted to embrace myself. I did research on some natural products that I think would best suit my skin. I have oily-combo skin depending on the season. Oily-combo is a skin type that is dry or normal in some areas and oily in other areas of the skin. I did my research and discovered natural skin care products that best suit peoples skin. During the winter I have oily skin and during the summer I sometimes get oily and dry skin due to my face tanning over the summer. I never realized how much my skin changed until I started using different products for different times of the year. These products I’m listing are not guaranteed to work for everyone but I definitely recommend them because of the results. During the winter and summer, I use a honey cleanser from a black-owned skincare business named Noire Skin Botanicals. This cleanser is plant-based and works best for me because my skin is really sensitive. I love using this product because it’s subtle and refreshing on my skin. For a toner, I use Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera Gel because I need something that freshens my pores.

As a final touch I like to use rosehip oil because it’s a great remedy for dark scars and when my skin progressively clears, the oil adds the right touch. I also love to use this because the scent is really soothing and therapeutic. Even though my skin is clearing up, I don’t fret when a pimple appears on my face every now and then. I’ve adapted and learned on my own to be in my best element with or without acne scars. Natural skin care products make me feel wholesome and one with nature. It makes me feel like the universe is revolving around my favor. You have to make sure you do your research about products. If you’re unsure of what may or may not suit you try sample sized products at local stores. If you see natural products advertised online reach out to those business owners or ambassadors and ask questions about the reviews of the product and the results. No product has magic powers so taking time such as months or maybe years to get full results will be your best bet! Try new products, do research and resourcefully take care of your skin!

I’m thankful for the outcome of this product if you’d like to know more please follow this black-owned skin care business on Instagram @noireskinbotanicals . 

Source: Pixabay

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