4 Reasons to watch Big Brother

Big Brother (BB) is a long-running reality TV show on CBS where 16 people live in the Big Brother house under complete surveillance for 99 days competing for $500,000. The contestants compete in various competitions that can give them opportunities to advance their game. 



There is a Head of Household (HOH) competition where the winner chooses two other houseguests to be placed on the chopping block for eviction from the Big Brother house. The HOH also receives special privileges,  such as safety from eviction for the week, a private room with a king-sized bed, pictures of friends and family, a gift basket, and a letter from home.



There is then a Veto competition where the winner can choose to Veto one of the HOH’s nominations or keep the nominations the same. If the winner of the Veto chooses to use the Veto, then the HOH must choose another houseguest for the nomination. 



The houseguests, other than those nominated for  eviction and the HOH, must then vote for one of the nominated houseguests to be evicted from the house. This process continues until there are only two people left in the house.  The nine house guests voted out before the finale then vote on the winner between the final two contestants. The winner receives $500,000.



  1. Drama

Because the houseguests are locked away from the outside world for weeks at a time, you can always count on people getting stir crazy. If you add in the fact that they're competing for $500,000,  the houseguests will do just about anything. Allies are formed and backs are stabbed from Day 1 until Day 99.



     2. Comedy

Like any good show, Big Brother also has comedy. Funny moments can come  from the friendships that are formed and the side commentary  of the houseguests. The competitions in the show are often wacky and the contestants sometimes even get ridiculous punishments from them.



     3. Romance

When 16 people get locked in a house together for weeks at a time, with no contact from the outside world, people will naturally get together. Sometimes the relationships that are formed between houseguests can be a great help to advance them in the game, but other times it can seriously hurt it. These showmances that form sometimes even last outside the Big Brother house.



     4. Surprises

The basic setup of the show is the same every season, but houseguests and viewers alike can expect new twists in the game every year. Some seasons there’s a competition where evicted houseguests can fight their way back into the house in a competition. There can even be a double eviction night where an eviction, a HOH competition, Veto competition, and a second eviction all take place in one episode. Double eviction nights are all shown live with only a few minutes for houseguests to make decisions.