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Wellesley Girl, Please

On the second to last week of classes at Wellesley College an amazing video hit the land of women who will.  Even if your face was buried under papers and textbooks studying for your second wave of midterms, there was no way you could’ve missed this hilarious video honoring Wellesley College.  The video is aptly named “Wellesley Girl Please” and sings about why we all know that Wellesley is so much better than our neighboring schools.  The creative lyrics points out the highs and lows of life at Wellesley, but does so in such a light-hearted manner it is hard to take anything being poked at seriously.  Luna G., one of the two Wellesley women who wrote the lyrics and starred in the video talks about the background and makings of “Wellesley Girl Please”.
First off, how did the two of you meet?  And when did you realize that the two of you could sing – in harmony?
I [Luna G.] guess I just have… interesting ways of meeting people. Soon after we met, we realized we were in the same astronomy lab together and that’s really when the friendship started blooming. The realization that we could sing in harmony may have developed after learning about our mutual interest in performing arts. I think the first time was our impromptu harmonization of “What I’ve Been Looking For” from High School Musical while walking back from lab.
When did you come up with the song?
I was shown the video of “Canadian, Please” last year by someone after I told them I was a Canadian citizen. Because of the nature of the song, I remember thinking to myself, “How awesome would it be to create a Wellesley version?” So I told Kris [Kristiana G., the other creator of “Wellesley Girl Please”]. At first, it was kind of a joke that we’d throw around at each other, but as time passed, we both realized that we wanted this to be a reality. So one day last semester, Kris and I consulted each other, sat down, and decided to write the lyrics.
When did you decide to make a video for the song?
Basically when we decided to write the lyrics. We wanted a visual component to it as well.
What did you wanted to portray when you made the song and video?
That Wellesley College rocks! [laughs]Well, honestly, we wanted to portray a comedic video about Wellesley and along with that, schools around the area. So the elements that we placed into the video were ones that we hoped Wellesley College students would relate to, or understand the joke. Really, we just wanted something lighthearted and a couple more smiles on campus.
Is the video an accurate portrayal of how you feel about Wellesley? And the other colleges?
Not necessarily. I cannot say that I am the prototype of a Wellesley College student–in fact, I would say I’m quite the opposite. Just the fact that we’re doing typical Luna and Kristiana antics in the video skews the portrayal in that sense. We really did try to play around with stereotypes and work everything in a positive light.
You’ve been getting a lot of positive encouragement from the video, but do you expect any negative feedback like a flame-war on Community?  If so, how would you deal with it?
I would be surprised if there wasn’t a flame-war on Community or any other form of negative feedback. Wellesley happens to have one of the highest concentrations of opinionated people–yet strangely I love it for the learning experience it has provided. So, all I have to say to that is: To each his – her – own.
What was the goal of the video?  In other words, did you consider it as a candidate for a modernized Wellesley Admissions video or did you do it just for fun?
We touched upon the possibility of having it as a new admissions video, however honestly speaking, we really did this as a fun project to make people smile like it has for us.  Also, note that we did this because we realized there was a serious lack of fun videos associated with Wellesley. And modern songs.
Watch the video here!

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