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Are liberal arts college underrated? Three reasons why you should attend a liberal arts college.

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wellesley chapter.

I attend one of the most prestigious schools in the country. And no, my school is not Harvard, Princeton or Stanford. In fact, it is not even a university. It is a college.

I often wonder why I never hear about how great is a literal arts education. I wish I had the resources beyond college brochures and websites to learn more about liberal arts college when I was a senior in high school. From The Boston Globe to the New York Times, news outlets and op-eds often give us a glimpse into life at larger universities but never the diverse and buzzing culture at a school such as Wellesley. Therefore, I have decided to write a college post myself. Here are three reasons why you should attend a liberal arts college:



1. The quality of education.

Liberal arts colleges are not only competitive but also maintain a quality of education unmatchable. From the reputation of professors, resources and overall approach to learning, liberal arts colleges hold the keys to success as well as happiness.

At Wellesley, the student to faculty ratio is 7:1. My largest “lecture” class was Microeconomics 101 and the class was capped at 25 students. Having such an intimate learning environment not only allows students to lead the learning process in the classroom but also allows professors to give individualized attention to your success. I always feel comfortable attending office hours as well as organizing a separate meeting time if I cannot make a professor’s office hours.

2. The diverse, tight-knit community.  

Liberal arts colleges are known for the small size of the student body. Even though I do not know everyone on campus, I feel like I have something shared with each of my peers. The terrifying scenario of feeling “lost” is quickly overcome when there is always a friendly face sitting at your table in Pom or Tower.

Wellesley has over 40% students of color with an international student population representing 83 countries. Everyone has a unique story and background. Being so directly exposed to such diversity not only helps you grow as a person but also shape your perspective on the world.

3. The resources.

Without a graduate student population, liberal arts colleges offer valuable resources for undergraduates to pursue their academic and social interests. Students as Wellesley can apply for Sustainability grants, which allow them to implement and lead a self-created project to raise environmental awareness and improve the community. Wellesley also offers undergraduates research opportunities. Students have the option to conduct research in biology, chemistry, astrology, psychology, etc. all year around.

Moreover, Wellesley has 160 student-run organizations that receive funding from the College. Thus, students have the funds and support to carry-out their interests without feeling like they are competing for those resources.


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