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Your Ultimate Guide to Cold Weather Coats

Let’s be real. While the main function of a coat is to protect you from the cold, the style of the coat is just as- or in some cases, even more- important. As the air has become chillier these past few weeks, I’ve been admiring the fall/winter coats that girls across campus are wearing as they walk to class, from bomber jackets to cozy parkas. I love seeing all the variety of styles and colours, and it’s got me coat-crazy.


So if you’re as obsessed as me, check out this run-down of the different styles of coats available.


1. Leather

(Photo courtesy of Daria Shevtsova)

Classy. Chic. Badass. This jacket is perfect for making a rebellious statement.


2. Wool

(Photo courtesy of Bruce Mars)

Who says you have to sacrifice warmth for style? I’ve got my eye on a wool coat from The Bay.


3. Parka

(Photo courtesy of Ana Arh)

My favourite type of parka is one like this, with fur along the edge of the hood for a little extra warmth! Abercrombie & Fitch has some great parkas in different levels of warmth.


4. Trench

(Photo courtesy of pixabay.com)

Now you can look like you’re up to something mysterious and suspicious all the time. And if you’re willing to splurge a little, check out Nordstrom’s wide variety of trench coats.


5. Bomber

(Photo courtesy of pexels.com)

Bomber jackets don’t go down as far as typical jackets, and are typically puffy but still real cute.


6. Sherpa

(Photo courtesy of Pinterest)

These are currently very trendy, so hop on the bandwagon! Check out www.garageclothing.com for some of my wish list sherpa jackets.


7. Windbreaker

(Photo courtesy of Shein.com)

These coats may be light but they come in the greatest amount of colours and designs. At the moment, vintage and colour blocked windbreakers are the most trendy.


Obviously, this list doesn’t even begin to cover the multitude of types of coats out there. There’s moto jackets, peacoat, suede, faux fur and so much more, so do some more research of your own!I wrote this article in an attempt to curb my obsession with outerwear, but I think it’s just made me realize how many more types of coats I really need!

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