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Why You Should Start Doing A Dice Roll Everyday

Reading week. These are the two words students look forward to after the first month in school — to be able to take a long-awaited rest. However, I cannot help but feel uneasy about taking a pause given that I will have to apply for jobs and study for midterms. So, it will not really be much of a pause in the continuous flow of things… will it?

Take a break.

Take. A. Break.

Last semester was a rough ride for me given that it was my first time doing school online and I had zero face-to-face interaction to prevent the virus from spreading. I started the semester full of hope and motivation to do my best but ended up burning out barely one month into the semester. I straight-up just moved from my desk to my bed, inevitably lying down and browsing through TikTok.

This year, I started with the same cycle, especially since I have 6 courses, job applications, and interview preparations to do, all things that many of my peers are undoubtedly struggling with as well. But that’s when I came across it: the Dice Roll.

So, the literal version of the Dice Roll is to take a risk with the hope of gaining something positive from it, but the Dice Roll I am talking about is the classic f-boy move, one that you must have inevitably seen on TikTok. All you have to do is go for a stroll while gesturing as if you’re rolling dice with one hand (preferably while looking in the mirror, but that is an optional step).

I started doing it as a joke and NGL, it felt silly at first, but then it actually started making me laugh, making me happy. So now, whenever I start feeling tired I get up and boom, dice baby dice.

Now I know better, so I compiled a list of things I could be doing for Reading Week that may not directly help me academically, but will definitely improve my mental and physical state.  

Talking to my friends and catching up with what they’ve been up to.

This one might seem mundane but it actually means the world to me since I haven’t exactly been in contact with my friends because of my heavy school workload.


 I cannot stop raving about how good baking feels. Last year, I went from barely knowing how to work an oven to religiously making my own bread this year.


I preordered A Court of Silver and Flames by Sarah J. Maas, which is coming out next week and can’t wait to immerse myself in it. #Nessian

Fulfilling my daily intake of 10,000 steps.

I also like to add a yoga or TikTok dance routine.

Even now as I am writing this, I feel the anxiety creeping in, telling me I could be doing much more work instead of taking a break. But this article is a sign instructing me and many others to rest. Rome was not built in a day and there is not much of a point to overworking if you can’t even enjoy the fruits of your labor.

So, unclench that jaw, take a deep breath, and straighten up your shoulders. You will get through this.

As a bonus, add a dice roll and there you go; you’ve got a recipe for laughing out loud.  

Hi, I'm a student at the University of Waterloo majoring in Psychology with a French minor. I am also a reading and baking enthusiast, seeking adventures alongside my trusty succulent, Iwaoi Slytherpuff. I hope you enjoy my content!
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