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Although this article has been written time and time again, I figured one more time wouldn’t hurt. For whatever reason, your relationship has come to an end, and maybe you’re happy about or maybe you’re not, but in case you wanted some tips: here they are.


Cry (if you need to)

This person meant something to you. Just because it’s over it doesn’t mean that you have to stop having feelings about them immediately. So feel free to cry.


Do something that makes you happy

Maybe you need to dance it out like Meredith and Christina. I know that baking always calms me. There is something about the process of creating something that helps me to think clearly. Find your thing and do it.


Lean on your support system

Whether this is your family or your friends or a combination of the two, don’t be afraid to lean on them for support. They care about you deeply and want to help you through what can be considered a rough time.


Create a playlist (or five)

There’s something to be said about music and the way that it can express the words that you are unable to put together. So listen to your favorites, sad songs – whatever you want. Have a little bit of fun with the playlist titles.


Do some reading

Rupi Kaur and r.h. Sin are poets whose work is full of meaning and might help you feel a little better as they talk about their experiences with life and love. Or maybe there’s something that you loved reading when you were younger. Reading can take you to another world, and maybe an escape is just what you need right now.


Take some time for you

You might need some time to think things over and adjust. That’s perfectly ok. Self-love is always important and it is especially so after a break up, so take time to take care of you.



If you need a little more help than you think these resources can provide feel free to call an organization like Good2Talk. Our emotional experiences affect us all differently and if you may benefit from professional help, then please seek it.


And remember

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Alexis Egi

Waterloo '21

Alexis is a planning student at the University of Waterloo. Alexis has published a young adult novel and has had her work published in a number of Canadian anthologies. Alexis loves writing, cooking and reading.
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