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Vince Harttrup

Name: Vince Harttrup

Hometown: Kitchener

Program & Year: GBDA 2A


When did you first start getting into photography? I started to get into photography in grade 11. I didn’t take it seriously however, until about a year ago

What inspired you to start capturing moment? I’ve been surrounded by cameras since a very young age as I was making short films with my friends at the age of 6. Seeing my older cousins films at such a young age was really inspiring and really motivated me.

Do you like to shoot nature or cities more, Why? Such a tough question. Most city shots are the same, shooting landscapes in nature are more original and more me.

How have you incorporated this passion with school? I always incorporate my photos in projects, I love not having to use stock photos!

Where can people look to find your work? www.vinceharttrup.com

Any tips for people who want to take up photography? My number one tip would be quantity, not quality. I need a major upgrade in equipment because I feel like my photos sometimes lack quality. But if you keep shooting and take as many photos as you can, it helps you grow into the equipment you own!

I see you use ‘smoke’ for many of pictures, what’s the trick to getting the best pictures with it? Haha, staging is key. My friends and I always practice before lighting off the flares so we can work together to get the best possible angles and shots.

What are you hoping to be doing in 5 years? Working in a different country. That would be awesome ahhh

all images above are Vince’s!

I'm a fourth year student at the University of Waterloo currently enrolled in the Global Business & Digital Arts program. I have a passion for UX, social media, writing, marketing and networking! 
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