Valentine’s Day Nail Glam

“Life is too short to have naked nails.”

Since Valentine’s day is tomorrow, what better way to treating yourself than an at-home manicure. This manicure is perfect for a glam night out with your bae or for a well deserved pamper session during midterm season.

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a professional, just a girl who loves doing her nails.


For this nail look, you will need four different nail polishes. You will also need a dotting tool (a toothpick or bobby pin will also work), washi tape, a disposal makeup sponge, and scissors.  

Revlon- Daring Graffiti

Revlon- Top coat 950

Sally Hansen- White-on 300

Sally Hansen-Golden-I 159


1.  Apply a base coat to your nails. You can mix and match the polishes however you like.

2. For the heart design on the ring finger.

a)  Use your dotting tool and make a dot on the upper left corner of your nail.

b) Next, make another dot beside the first one.

c) Make another dot right underneath the previous two, it should look like an upside-down triangle.

d) Now that you have a basic outline of a heart shape, take your dotting tool to fill it in!


a)\Users\NICK_2\Desktop\IMG-20180206-WA0010.jpg  b)  \Users\NICK_2\Desktop\IMG-20180206-WA0003.jpg c) \Users\NICK_2\Desktop\IMG-20180206-WA0007.jpg d) \Users\NICK_2\Desktop\IMG-20180206-WA0012.jpg


3. For the heart design on the thumb.

a) Cut out a heart shape on a piece of washi tape and place it on the nail. Make sure that your base coat is completely dry, or else it will peel off.


b) Next, fill in the heart with your desired polish.


c) Once you peel the tape off, you should have a perfect glittery heart.



4. Paint the pinky nail, a base colour of white. Next, paint the corner of a sponge with the sparkly polish. Then, use a dabbing motion on the nail to achieve a metallic marble look.


5. You’re all done! Remember you can always customize this nail tutorial to your liking.


Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!