UW Sorority Recruitment: My AOII Experience

In Canada, being in a sorority is not common. Like at all. So when I was perusing the bazillion clubs Waterloo has during the summer going before my first year, my jaw dropped when I saw that Greek life existed at UW. Like what? I know I was shocked too.


(I’m still kinda shocked tbh…)


There are so many Youtube videos, websites, and Instagram accounts that show what it’s like to go through recruitment at huge schools in the US. But, not much to help out us Canadian girls who may go to big schools like Waterloo but have smaller Greek life communities on campus. So I thought it may be helpful to write out a day in my life as a sorority member during recruitment time. If you are thinking about coming out to recruitment and want to know a bit more about what it is really like, then keep reading! 


Let’s start with the basics...


What is a sorority? A sorority is a group of women with similar goals, values, and passions for building women up and becoming the best versions of ourselves. Each sorority focuses on a different philanthropy and works to raise awareness for their selected cause. Imagine the best girl gang ever but like on steroids!


(I’m pretty sure I said this too…) 


What is recruitment? Recruitment is a series of events, usually held over the span of a week or so, where students interested in joining Greek life will attend and get to know the different organizations and people that make them up.


Photo Cred: @vansgeitz on Instagram - follow me for more recruitment pics (there will definitely be more)!


What sororities does Waterloo have? At UW there are three sororities; Alpha Omicron Pi, Kappa Kappa Gamma, and Sigma Lambda Gamma. I am a member of the Lambda Epsilon chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi and currently serving as the Vice President of Administration. Did you know Lambda Epsilon was founded at the University of Waterloo in 2008? That means we just celebrated our 10 year anniversary last year!


Photo Cred: @uwaoii on Instagram - Some of my sisters at the AOII Convention in Florida this year. 


My experience going through recruitment week: After going to all the events I could during the week, I found my home in Alpha Omicron Pi. I felt so at home chatting with these girls and I couldn’t wait to call them my sisters and where their letters with pride. 


Photo Cred: @uwaoii on Instagram. (And yes I had bleach blonde hair but, we don’t need to talk about... I’ll save that for another article!)


OKAY, now let’s get into my schedule. Recruitment does run during school time so it’s important to find that balance of academics and campus involvement. It is a busy time of the year for both the women of the sorority and those interested in getting involved. However hectic it may become, it is still the best week of the year. I mean besides Reading Week, obviously. 


Wake-Up and Go!: I probably didn’t sleep very well the night before because of pure excitement so this wake up can be rougher than usual. During the day is when I have my classes but you can imagine how difficult it is to concentrate… 


Getting Ready: For me, when I look my best I feel my best. And I know that sounds like a poster done in calligraphy from Urban Outfitters but it is true. So on recruitment days, I spend a little extra time getting ready when I’m heading to events. I get to express my personality with bling, and makeup and hair accessories and show everyone the real me. It really shows the girls that we are all such different individuals who make up an organization with a central focus - to inspire ambition. And of course who would miss the opportunity to get dressed up and snap a few (or 2000) pics for Instagram? Definitely not me! 


Recruitment Prep: Before we host a recruitment event we get together as a chapter and talk about what is important to us like sisterhood and our commitment to AOII. It really helps to ground us before going into an event. If we are reminded why we chose to join AOII we are ready to meet girls who are also interested! 


Time to Rally!: Whether it is a 5-minute dance party, some last-minute touch-ups in the bathroom, or a quick granola bar, we are getting pumped! It’s so exciting to be waiting to meet your possible sisters. WOO! 


Recruitment Time: Recruitment is like hanging out with a bunch of strangers that somehow feel like your besties within 5 minutes of talking. It’s such a neat experience to meet girls from different programs, countries, and lifestyles throughout the week. Even if they don’t find their home in AOII we are all still apart of Greek life on campus and I’m sure to see them around again!


Photo Cred: @vansgeitz on Instagram - I’m just gonna say it again, follow me (please)!


Post Recruitment: You know when you are having such a good time you forget about the mounds of homework already piling up despite it being like the third week of school (what is up with that?) and that your feet are killing because you’ve been sporting some heels instead of your usual sneakers. Yeah, that’s called the post recruitment crash. It’s like you have all this energy, you are hanging out with a bunch of your best pals, chatting it up with girls who are interested in your sorority and then someone turns out the lights and it’s ready for bedtime. 


(Med school, recruitment week? Probs the same level of fatigue.) 


If you are thinking about going Greek this fall make sure to check out @waterloosororities on Instagram for updates on recruitment. I mean you read this article, which I would like to say is a Recruitment Life 101 manual, so you are basically all ready to go. Hope to see you there, Warriors! Though I have never been to Coachella I can imagine this is what it feels like. A lot of fun, a crash, then a realization you are about to do it all again the next day - WOO!