UW Merch: A Girl's Guide to the Best Items

As a frequenter to the merchandise store found in South Campus Hall, I know a thing or two about sweaters and socks. It’s hard to step away from the cute items, at least until I look at the price tag. So, what I like to do when choosing my items for school spirit is a quality check and question whether the price matches, then it’s #WorthIt. 


What are the best gifts? What are the best items to treat myself without feeling (too) guilty? Let me help you answer these questions!




Every student has one. Especially the first years. If you’re going through your graduation year you might want to buy one (or possibly burn them). Either way, they’re good to have for the cold weather that hits Waterloo and for days where you want to stay comfy (so basically all of midterm and exam season).


Is it worth it to buy a white sweater? As long as you’re okay with the risk of it getting dirty.

They are #WorthIt if you will wear it often. If you feel like you won’t, it can wait a day or two.

I have MANY sweaters that don’t fit anymore and I have no idea what to do with them. Keep function, quality, comfort, texture of the fabric and, most importantly, price in mind when browsing.



Go with your favourite style. They have every sweater imaginable at the UW Store. There are quarter zips, full zipper hoodies, crewnecks and pullovers. Go comfy but also go styling cause why not be that beautiful girl in class while still feeling amazing despite not being in bed?



A Quick Guide to Faculty Merch

Sometimes the crest will bother you. It’s not exactly pleasant to look at. If there are styles of merchandise that you see and really like, it’s good to budget them in because NOT ALL STYLES WILL STICK AROUND. This is the new version of the faculty colour sweaters and I truly missed out on the old style that I personally preferred. A good thing to keep in mind is whether or not you actually like the faculty colour (I’m talking to you ARTS faculty). My sister is not an engineer but she does have a purple sweater that she absolutely adores and wears consistently. That means she’s happy AND getting her money’s worth. Because these sweaters can be pricey and you really do not want to regret a purchase like this.


Tips for Finding the Right Size

Three words: TRY. IT. ON.

There are change rooms available in the store and there’s rarely ever a line. Take advantage of that! Don’t be the person who no longer fits a sweater and has to spend even more to get a new one! It’s better to go oversized than to have something that does not fit at all despite your best efforts.

Try multiple sizes to compare looks. Wear bottoms that will go with anything or that you’ll wear often to best optimize prospects.



The Waterloo Dad Quarter-Zip Hoodie is a classic, a pricey one but definitely worth the look on your friend’s face and the comfiness it’ll bring.

For a cheaper option of the Dad joke, consider buying the Waterloo Dad Mug


There are also plushies, socks, mugs and cards available! The goose plushie is popular and to be honest, even I want one.


Final tips:

  • Keep an eye out for sales!

  • Be friendly with the workers because they’ll know the quality at the end of the day.

  • There is more stock of larger items so if you’re a S/M, hurry! They sell out fast!

  • Colours available include Grey, Black, Burgundy, White, Navy, Faculty Specific, and the special Gold/Yellow with Black combo (not as popular/available in crewneck form, may restock in future)


So what are you waiting for? Go check out the UWaterloo store and get your school spirit on.


Photo Credits: Jane Pangilinan