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University of Waterloo Faculties as Grey’s Anatomy Characters


Anyone that attends or has attended UW has probably seen and felt the division of the faculties. Each of them have their own strengths and weaknesses, rivalries and alliances, much like the popular show Grey’s Anatomy (now airing its 13th season).

If the faculties identified as Grey’s Anatomy characters they would be as follows:


Like Mark Sloan (also known as McSteamy), arts kids aren’t just pretty faces on campus! Although you are often underrated for your programs compared to the Engineering and Math kids, you generate brilliant work and have so much enthusiasm. Sloan suffered from the same misconceptions due to his area of expertise being plastic surgery, which was not considered legitimate enough by the other surgeons. Cheers to McSteamy and the Arts faculty for holding their own!


The Math faculty is full of brainiacs who’re good at computing data, numbers, and all that fun stuff. It’s perfectly suitable that Derek Sheppard (McDreamy) represents this faculty. You both have a quiet charisma to you that’s very appealing, yet understated. You share a mindset that not quite everyone understands since you think and analyze things differently from others. The students in this faculty are loyal and true to their colours, much like Derek is to his friends and family.


This faculty has a laid-back persona about them; they are the cool alternative kids in town. You have many innovative projects and take time to give back to your community. This may be surprising because of the façade Alex Karev often gives off, but he is the character that is most like you. He gives off a cool, calm, and collected vibe 99% of the time, but as a pediatric surgeon he is the most caring and sensitive character of them all. You both share a longing to help others whether it is the environment or other people.


The science kids are smart and driven, but are lowkey crazy outside of class much like Meredith Grey is outside of the hospital. You get excited about labs, dissections, upcoming challenges, and grad school. However, you are grounded because of the logical way you think. You know how talented you are, but let the other faculties fight for the spotlight much like Grey. You take a backseat from the spotlight, but are still one of the most talented general surgeons. Rock on, science kids.

Applied Health Sciences

The AHS kids are sometimes overshadowed by the bigger Science umbrella (I can’t tell you how many people I’ve run into who think science and AHS are the same thing omg). This is the exact same dilemma that Lexie Grey faces, being overshadowed by her older and more well-known sibling Mer. The AHS faculty houses the easy-going, fun kids. Often the life of the party, you know how to manage a good balance between your personal life and work/school.


Eng kids are known to be very confident (sometimes overconfident lol). The Engineering faculty embodies Christina Yang with her “no shits given” attitude, dry humour, and wit. Being a cardiac surgeon, Yang needs to know very intricate procedures much like engineering students and their knowledge of complex equations and processes. You are pretty much the heart of the university much like Yang helps make up the foundation of the hospital. Thanks for helping UW develop its great reputation! …Even though you have the most faculty buildings on campus (lol).

Everyone in Grey’s Anatomy helps improve other people’s lives. Seeing as UW is known as the Silicon Valley of Canada, so do we! Much love to all the faculties, we’re all proud Warriors.

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