The Ultimate Survival Guide for a Library Lockdown

The semester is coming to an end and exams are just around the corner. Make the most out of your long, late night study sessions by packing these 9 necessities.

1. Your Books and Laptop…


2. Coffee or Caffeinated Tea

Is it even possible to get through a late night study session without caffeine?

3. Water

Staying hydrated helps you stay focused and more awake.

4. A Planner

Use your planner to layout your study schedule to maximize your time and efficiency.

5. Your Headphones

Tune out all the distractions and turn on your go-to study playlist.

6. Charger

It is difficult to study when your phone or laptop dies on you and you forgot your charger.

7. Cozy Sweater and Socks

If you have to spend an eternity studying, you might as well be comfy.

8. Snacks and Gum

Snacking or chewing gum has been proven to help you focus.

9. Pens and Index Cards and Sticky Notes

Use the sticky notes to mark the important section of your notes and readings and the index cards to study terms and vocabulary.


What are your study session must-haves?