The Traits of the Women in our Lives

There are so many women in our lives and they all play some sort of role in our lives. Each one has their own traits that they bring to the table, all of them play their roles but never shine as a woman with their own identity. Today I take the time to share with you the women in my life that play a role but are their own entities as well.



Sisters are angels sent to us from heaven, especially the younger ones! My little baby cousin makes me feel responsible for her, I want to spoil her and scold her if she is wrong. So many emotions towards one little princess! Those emotions are all obvious because this little angel has brought me so much joy. Her smile and her attempts to say something but only being able to produce gentle sounds of anger, happiness and joy put me in a world where everything is perfect. Sisters are our best friends but they are also those that we can count on at any time. Sisters hide our secrets, hang with us and, most of the time, cover up our mistakes. They are truly the women in our lives that make our days better. They are the fun and gentle women in my life.



Mom, Madre, Maman, Maa, Ammi and my cute Momsy. The women that brought us into this world, they are the reason we are alive and happy individuals. We address them by so many different names, we fight with her and we chill with her. My mother is my strength, the one who can encourage me to be myself and be a kind human being to all those around me. We both laugh at our inside jokes, gossip about everything on planet earth and can have a chat anywhere, at any time. When I get sick or have any type of problem, she comes to the rescue. I miss my mom every day because she is so far away from me but she never forgets to call me and ask me if I ate something. She is the real MVP, hidden behind the label of a mother, she doesn’t address her problems or her pain. She hides her pain for us, from pampering us to scolding us on our mistakes, she always addresses our needs. However, sometimes she forgets to take care of herself. But today she should feel like she is a woman that deserves a break from her kids. She is the strict, shopaholic and caring woman in my life.



Grandmothers! I truly adore these women, both have raised me to be an absolutely amazing woman, both have nurtured me and have spoiled me. With all the tales of their ancestors to stories about me when I was a baby, both have a treasure chest full of tales that only they can hide in their golden hearts. My grandmothers are the most innocent women I know out of my whole family. They deserve to be saluted for everything that they do for their grandkids and everything they sacrifice for their families. They are women that connect us to our past and give us the strength to hold our families together in the future. No matter how much they scold me, I will always be their little princess. Thank you to both of them for being my grandmothers, mothers and the sweetest friends that I can gossip with. They are the innocent, gentle and bubbly women in my life.



Aunt, it is such a small word but the people associated with this word are the best people to share a secret with, chill with, shop with and get bossed around by. These women know how to spoil a child but also keep them in check. Aunts can be our hangout buddies but if they want they become our critics as well. We all need to appreciate the fact that she does that for our own good. These women have provided me with the support that no other family member can, they always have my back when I make tough decisions. They are the playful, strict and understanding women in our lives, so we are lucky to have them. Every time I struggle at least one of them comes to my rescue and gives me just the right advice needed to help me cope. Thank you for being the strong and caring women in my life.



Our friends are the women that all girls go to when we are on the verge of a nervous breakdown. They are the advisors that tell us which outfit we should wear on a date to what we should do on a Friday night when we are bored. These women make us feel confident and nurture the reality around us when we go into a fantasy world for a few minutes. Every time I am about to make a mistake these ladies stop me and make me think straight. Our lives become intertwined and friendship ends up turning into a sisterhood. Only we know what we are laughing about and only we can tell what the other is thinking in a public place. These women make me the person I am today but with more zest and fun added. They are the carefree, vivacious and witty women in my life.


All these women make our lives worth living. The fact that they live with these labels and never complain shows us that they all are women with their own traits that are not always shown to the world, but are shown to their families. We should really appreciate all of them. Pick up the phone, call them and tell them with your own voice how much you love them. I know I will be, so should you. I have become a marvellous woman today because these women made sure that I always had support and help when I needed it. Happy International Women’s Day!