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Is it hard for you to find your creativity in the winter? Are you trying to create but you keep getting stuck? Trust me when I say I understand what you’re feeling because I’ve been there too. 

In winter, the days are short and the amount of sunlight is so small. As someone who thrives on sunlight, the winter months can be very, very long and cold. During the winter months, like most people, you’ll find me wrapped up in a thick blanket sipping on hot tea. 

Although I would love to stay in this “cozy mode,” it makes it very hard to re-center and get creative. Not only is it difficult to get creative, it also is very hard finding inspiration when all I am is cold. But that can’t stop me, and it shouldn’t stop you either. 

Here are some of my best tips on how to find your creativity in the winter!   

 Seek Inspiration

Inspiration doesn’t just fall in our laps…well it can sometimes, but most of the time we have to be intentional in seeking out inspiration. There are a lot of amazing ways to find inspiration. 

Changing your surroundings can really help. I usually take a walk down the trail and embrace all that’s around me.

Another one of my favourite ways to gain inspo is to scroll through Pinterest! I am a huge advocate for Pinterest. It is a creator’s home. Not only is it exciting to see what other creators are working on, but it also gives you new ideas and it pushes you to create something of your own! 

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Go back to the basics

Creatives are always trying to start a new project, but how about going back to the basics? Starting small, basic projects can help to create a spark and help in getting your creative juices flowing. 

I am a blogger, rafter, and DIYer. When I was in a rut this winter while trying to create a new painting project, I returned to the basics instead. This involved me pulling out a scrapbook and small canvases and doing basic painting color theory. How did this help? 

One, it helped to just start creating something, anything. Second, going back to the basics helped me get inspired to start creating my next project.

Learn something new

This is the opposite of going back to the basics but can be just as effective! Learning a new technique or skill can give you a boost in creativity! It helps you learn from others by following how someone else does it and, before you know it, gets you started on creating your own thing.

(For example: If you are a baker, learn to use a new tool. If you are a writer, test a new writing technique. If you are cricut crafter, try using a new material.)

Don’t get stuck on deciding what new skill to learn, instead go to sites such as Pinterest to get ideas of what you would like to learn. 

Another great option is to start a course. This is a great way to learn something new, while following step-by-step instructions from another creative. This more structured way of learning can help to kick-start your creative process. 

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Find others to get creative with

You don’t have to create alone! Find a creativity buddy that can help you not only stay accountable on the things that you want to accomplish but who can also create alongside you. 

Covid rules still apply. So instead of meeting up in person, you can craft over FaceTime or Zoom. You can also have creativity check-ins to help keep you on track to achieving your creative goals. 

(For example: My sister is my creativity buddy. We have each other to help not only keep us on top of our creative goals and tasks for our business etc. but also to bounce ideas off, and just talk!)

I would totally recommend getting a creativity buddy! Reach out to a friend or another creative who can help you be the best creator you are destined to be, even during the winter. 

These are my best tips for finding your creativity in the winter. Winter doesn’t have to be your least creative season. Kadine Christie from inHerStudio magazine says, “I believe in making goals for myself and my art, but I also believe in being flexible enough to dance to the tune of the present.” 

Remember, winter isn’t forever. You just have to embrace the present situation and work a little harder to get your creative juices flowing so you can achieve your creative goals. 

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