Things to do on Reading Week… When You Don’t Have a Reading Week!

Here’s to all my ladies on know the feeling: All your friends are preparing for reading week by carefully planning epic getaways, catching up with family, going on adventures, and binge-watching Netflix, while you’re carefully planning what you’re going to pack for lunch next week and anticipating how your one-on-one will go with your boss.

Well, ladies, I’m here to tell you you can have epic adventures too, even through you’re on co-op! Here are some ideas on how to have your best non-reading week ever:


1. Don’t study

Because you don’t have to. Period.


2. Go to the gym

If you’re working in Waterloo, take advantage of a relatively empty gym on campus and get ahead on your GAINZ!


3. Go on a Date!

Who knows who’s going to be home for the holidays? What if it’s a new cutie to get coffee with or to go skating with or to challenge to a karaoke sing off?! Get out there girl!


4. Catch up with Friends

If dates aren’t on your radar, take the reading beak as an opportunity to catch up with friends who will be back around during the week, or are available to call or skype!


5. Read a book (you actually want to read) in a spiffy spot

When is the last time you’ve read a book that’s not a textbook? Take advantage of being on a work term and check out a cute coffee shop or library that you’ve never been to before. You’ll get to find a cool new space to hang out, and read for PLEASURE!


6. Explore your city ​

​Who says you can’t do some adventuring when you don’t have reading week! Take an adventure of your own and invite your other co-op coworkers to tag a long to explore your city after work. Who knows what you’ll find!