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The Stages of the Thanksgiving Food Coma

Now that Thanksgiving weekend is over, you’re probably still recovering from the multiple food comas you endured. We broke down the stages of a food coma below, see if you can relate:

1. The Preparation Stage: A light breakfast. Skip lunch! You need to save room. You’ve been waiting for this day for a whole year. The turkey, the stuffing, the pie! Your stomach is growling, but soon enough it won’t be…

2. The Indulgence Stage: Everyone is called to dinner and of course, you’re first in line. All of the smells make your mouth water and you pile everything onto your plate. Start with two scoops of everything, a pile of turkey, and gravy to top it off. Everyone else in line seems to be taking forever, so you have a small taste or two while you wait for the rest of the group to be seated. Finally Great Aunt Anne hobbles over to the table and into her seat and the moment has arrived! Time to indulge!

3. The Concerning Stage: Everything is perfect! The Turkey is juicy and the potatoes are perfectly mashed. It’s better than you remember from past years. As you power through the first plate of food you begin to feel something you didn’t expect…

“Am I getting full already!?”

This wasn’t part of the plan.

4. The Second Wind: Just as quickly as the feeling arrived, its gone and you’re back on track! It was just your body adjusting to the mass consumption of food. You never should have been worried. So it’s back for seconds with one more helping of everything, extra turkey for good measure.

5. The Brick Wall: The second helping was going exceedingly well. About halfway through plate number two though, the wall starts coming toward you fast, and suddenly, you hit it head on. It was a good run this year and well worth the wait. It’s time for a turkey-induced nap, but you’re not even sure you’re able to stand up and stumble over to the couch. You are so full there is no possible way you will be hungry for the next two days.

6. Pie?: No matter how full you may feel, there’s ALWAYS room for pie. 

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