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The Spirit of Holiday Giving

It’s that time of year again, and shop windows all over town are filling up with pretty things and begging you to spend, spend, spend. It’s hard not to get sick of all the commercialism that surrounds the holiday season and for a lot of people, that mindset can spread and put a damper holiday cheer. So, in an effort to refocus on what the holidays are really about, why not take on the challenge of giving something more valuable than a material item? Donating your precious time and efforts to a worthy cause or organization is the perfect way to escape the capitalistic madness of that consumes this time of year. Here are a few ways you can get involved right here in the Waterloo Region!


  • Volunteer for St. John’s Soup Kitchen – located in downtown Kitchener, this institution is filled day in and day out with those less fortunate who could use an extra hand and a smiling face. Sign up and sacrifice a few small hours of your day to be a part of this hugely important cause and spread some kindness to those who don’t always see enough of it.

  • Build a home with Habitat for Humanity – Habitat for Humanity organizes builds throughout cities all across the word, and yes, that includes our humble little city! You can register online to pick up volunteer shifts and just like that, you’re set to contribute to the cause. There is no need for prior experience or expensive construction wear/equipment, Habitat provides training, assistance and even supplies you with the necessities such as work boots and a hard hat.

  • Donate to the Reception House – Help support refugees transitioning to their first home here in Canada in a practical and useful way by assembling a donation kit. You can view their guidelines online and choose a package that suits your budget such as Kitchen, Children, Bathroom, or Basic. Of course, you can always make a financial donation as well, but the starter kit adds a personal touch in my opinion.


These are just a few suggestions out of dozens of meaningful causes and deserving organizations that you can contribute to in different ways. You can always check out the KW Volunteer Action Centre to learn more, and I sincerely hope you do! Be a part of something bigger than shopping mall crowds this holiday season, and give back to your community!


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