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Songs You Need to Add to Your Party Playlist

Just like there are students who are addicted to Netflix, coffee, bubble tea, and books - I’m addicted to music. Back in high school when I didn’t have a lot of friends to share issues or problems I was dealing with, I would always turn to music to release my feelings. My love for music developed throughout my late teens, and even as a young adult, music is my go-to therapy.

I’ve always found that through discovering new music and listening to different genres of music, you’ll always be able to find a song that perfectly suits your mood and help you get through a bad day, or empower you when you need extra energy. I’ve found myself to be an emotionally deep person through analyzing the harmonies and melodies of each song to create a powerful meaning within the song. But enough of me talking, here are some songs for the perfect party!


Cool for the Summer – Demi Lovato

I love most of Demi Lovato’s songs and this one is just perfect for a summer night out. Picture this; you’re getting ready to head out with your friends. You’ve got your favourite crop top and mini faux leather skirt on, with those killer heels. Your makeup is flawless and you join your squad in strutting out the door, to this song. Isn’t it perfect?


I Would Like – Zara Larsson

I discovered this song after watching a friend’s Instagram post of her at Zara’s concert and I instantly liked it. It’s upbeat, girly,and  danceable (watch her dance moves!). This song has to be one of my favourites for having a mini dance party in my room and cheering me up in the mornings. It would also make for perfect party-prep, so be sure to add it to your playlist!


Last Friday Night – Katy Perry

What’s a party without this song? It has the perfect mood, melody, and nostalgic vibes to match the mood of a party. It’s rhythmic, hype, and has hilarious lyrics - basically a fool-proof song for enjoying the dance floor with your squad! Personally, I think the well-known Katy Perry songs are great to be played on the dance floor, so add some Perry to the playlist!


Black Magic – Little Mix

Little Mix is currently one of my favourite girl groups. They’re always able to slay both the vocals and dance moves in their music videos and live performances. Out of all their songs, I think Black Magic is one of their best singles; so energetic and well written. If you haven’t heard it yet, I highly suggest listening to it!


Reflection – Fifth Harmony

In need of a girl power song? This one may be the perfect one for you and your girls to embrace your girl love mood. It’s catchy, flaunty, and gives off that “cool-girl” type of vibe that would be the perfect soundtrack for those Insta-baddie pictures that are in trend right now. It’s one of those “boy-bye” songs that give you the energy you need to let your inner Beyonce out. Definitely try the song.


These are some of my favourite tracks to listen to. What are yours?

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