Reading Week: Enhance those Skills with Youtube

Youtube is often the place of major procrastination. Second only to Netflix’s realm of lost time, Youtube has everything distracting from cat videos to the vine graveyard.

This Reading Week, it’s important to catch up on lost time. Whether this be with friends you haven’t seen in awhile to readings you haven’t read in awhile, this week is the best time to enhance your university experience.

Youtube can be a great resource for enhancing study skills, learning new techniques, and implementing strategies like goal setting and self care to change your life for the better. You can even find a video on how to tie a tie which is perfect for some co-op students.

Here is a guide to the motivational and studious side of Youtube.


Rowena Tsai: Motivation, Prioritizing values, Getting Things Done

Motivational videos can often be very cheesy and corny, but Rowena Tsai is realistic about feelings and emotions. She has great tips for beating the blues, ending procrastination, and improving the journey.

Recommended Video: How to Be A Productive Potato (for when you're feeling lazy and just can't adult)


Lavendaire: Stream of Consciousness, Self Care, Vision Boards, Goal Attaining

Mental Health is super important. Taking journals and learning how to make them work for you is a great form of therapy. Lavendaire also has videos on dreaming and making dreams come true.

Recommended Video: Release What's Holding You Back | Dream Life Series


TheStrive Studies: Pomodoro Technique

TheStrive Studies is a perfect playlist for study music. It’s like having a study buddy without having people ghost or flake on you. They also implement the Pomodoro technique of budgeting time for the most efficiency which is super useful. Classical and instrumental music is better for studying but if you want more interesting music that isn’t distracting look to lo-fi or the recommended songs in the description of TheStrive Studies.

Recommended Video: Study with Me with music


Studytee: Note Taking

I find it hard to take notes so take a weakness you have and look for techniques on how to challenge them in the search bar!

Recommended Video: How to take efficient and neat notes


TEDX Talks: Idea Presentation, Discovery

Sometimes TED Talks are incorporated in curriculum. It’s important to look to the platforms that you learn best from whether it be video, audio, or visual, you could change your study sessions for the better. Look to see accessibility in your studies like transcripts and whiteboards for idea visualization and if you don’t see it, ask your professor!

Recommended Video: How to declutter your mind -- keep a journal


Cheyenne Barton: Realistic Planning

Bullet Journaling is a popular process that helps organize students and anyone in accomplishing more on their to-do lists. This is done through a bullet system that simplifies tasks into categories. The trend took flight when the aesthetics of Bullet Journaling became Instagram worthy. People have begun to put their own takes on the trend by doing what fits them best. Hobonichi is the streamlined version of productivity and planning.

Recommended Video: 2018 bujo flipthru + hobonichi plan w/ me


It’s important to find the best fit for your study skills, routines, and exam prep. Take the distractions and make them motivation.