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Plan an Ontario Parks Trip This Spring/Summer

Now that it’s April, the end of classes and finals are near and I’m starting to think about the spring and summer months ahead. I’m going to be working at a garden centre most of the time, but I’m hoping to get some weekends off to go on fun adventures with friends.

One way you can have a fun adventure with your friends without breaking the bank too much is a camping trip! And if you live in Ontario it’s your lucky day, because the Ontario Parks system is amazing with so many diverse spots all across the province. I’ve put together some of the top spots you should check out and book in advance to ensure you can snag a spot. However, you can also try booking on very short notice if you’re spontaneous because sometimes people cancel their reservations at the last minute.

Here are some of my favourite Ontario provincial parks, and some of the most widely loved by hardcore and not-so-hardcore campers everywhere:



Fun fact: Algonquin was Ontario’s first provincial park! It’s great for canoe adventures and spotting all kinds of wildlife.



Check out the beloved Lighthouse Point Trail or go fishing, two of the most popular activities done at this park.



I’ve been coming here for years now with my family, and some of my favourite things are the many great beaches and bike trails.



You can probably guess by the name, but there are some sweet sand dunes here. It was also rated one of the best swimming spots in Canada by the National Post.


Bon Echo

This place has a little bit of everything going on, but Mazinaw Rock would definitely be a highlight.


Now before I get you sold on these parks, you should know that they’re some of the most sought after spots of the Ontario provincial parks. So if you can’t find any sites available, check out some of these parks which are just as cool, but often less booked up:

  • MacGregor Point

  • Murphy’s Point

  • Arrowhead

  • Darlington

  • Ferris

  • Grundy Lake

  • Inverhuron


Hit up the Ontario Parks site to book a camping site and also read their featured articles on tips for booking sites, cross-province adventures, and student jobs in the parks system.

Happy camping!


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