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At Waterloo, we don’t get many breaks. In fact, I didn’t even get a summer break after my first year due to co-op. As such, it’s important to make the most of every break we do get — be it the 2-week breaks between terms, or reading week. 

Last year, I made the mistake of treating reading week as a regular school week. Although I didn’t have any classes, I was worried about the influx of upcoming deadlines and midterms that followed reading week. My to-do list every day boiled down to completing assignments, working on practice problems, or writing notes — essentially, I was just studying. While it felt good to be productive and catch up on my studies, I saw all my friends posting about going home, going on a short trip, or taking the time to do fun activities around Waterloo. I felt like I was missing out. A truly productive reading week doesn’t consist of just studying, and we should use it to reset and recover before diving into midterm season. So for this reading week, I plan to strike a balance between studying and relaxing. Here’s what’s on my reading week bucket list. 

  1. Self-care day

An at-home spa experience with facials, yoga, and self-pampering. How could anything sound better than that?

  1. Bake something new

I’ve been planning on making my friend’s gluten-free chocolate cake for months now. When’s a better time to bake something new than during reading week? It’s yours to snack on during stressful study sessions! 

  1. Read a book from my want-to-read list

Having a couple of days to myself will give me plenty of time to read a couple of books — my want-to-read list is getting way too long at this point.

  1. Outdoor movie marathon

It’s getting cold out, but getting together with friends to watch movies under the stars is an experience I’d never miss. Our theme is nostalgia — we’re going to be watching all of our favourite childhood movies!

  1. Road trip 

I plan on taking a short road trip to Hamilton to visit a couple of friends! It’ll be nice to see them after so long and visit Hamilton for the second time. 

  1. Explore Waterloo

Waterloo might not be a big city like Toronto and Vancouver, but there’s so much to explore! It’s already my 2nd year, and I still get excited browsing the countless food options and activities we can do here, from VR to pottery painting. 

  1. And finally, study

Of course, with midterms and assignment deadlines approaching, I still plan to focus on studying and getting the best grades possible. However, the important thing to remember is that reading week is also a break, which is why studying is number 7 on my bucket list. Take a break, and have a good reading week everyone!

Petch Lomtakul

Waterloo '27

Hi! My name is Petch and I'm a second year math student at the University of Waterloo. This term, I'm a senior editor for HC Waterloo!