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Mean Girls Characters as Easter Candy

Due to a certain iconic Jingle Bell Rock dance routine, the holiday most associated with Mean Girls is Christmas, and October 3rd is of course the ultimate Mean Girls day. But I’ll take any holiday as an excuse to talk about one of the greatest classic movies of our generation, so I’ve created a list of Mean Girls characters as Easter candy. I hope you enjoy spending your long weekend thinking about Mean Girls every time you eat a treat. #sorrynotsorry



Regina George: Peeps


Peeps are the little marshmallow chicks and bunnies that we love to hate. If we’re being totally honest, Peeps are kind of terrible. And yet, at Easter time, we’re still somehow drawn to them, due to some kind of weird societal norm that says Peeps are part of Easter. Regina is also terrible, but everyone’s still obsessed with her because she’s the leader of the Plastics.



Gretchen Wieners: Hershey’s Eggies


Eggies are the wannabes of the candy world. They’re actually pretty great on their own, but they will always come second to Mini Eggs. No matter how good Eggies are, Mini Eggs will always be prettier, tastier, and more popular. Similarly, Gretchen is totally fetch on her own, but no matter how hard she tries, she always comes second to Regina.



Cady Heron: Cadbury Crème Eggs



Crème Eggs are the candy that people either love or hate. People are divided over their feelings about Crème Eggs, just like people are divided over their feelings about Cady. Half the people at the Spring Fling are mad at her, while half of them like her because they think she pushed someone in front of a bus. But the similarities don’t end there; Crème Eggs also ooze out cream filling, while Cady oozes out word vomit, and eventually, actual vomit (Sorry if I just ruined your appetite for Crème Eggs).



Karen Smith: Cadbury Mini Eggs


Karen is like Mini Eggs because both are simple on the inside with a pretty exterior. Mini Eggs are just simple chocolate eggs, but they stand out from other chocolate eggs because of their colourful candy shells. Karen is a simple-minded character (and we love her for it, just like we love Mini Eggs). But she still stands out from other students at school because of what’s on the outside – the fact that she’s pretty and a member of the Plastics.



Aaron Samuels: Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Egg


Dairy Milk eggs are truly the most basic Easter candy that exists – just a straight-up solid milk chocolate egg. Aaron Samuels is the human male equivalent. He is the one of the most basic All-American movie boyfriends to ever grace our screens. However, just like Dairy Milk eggs, he’s still totally delicious ? (P.S. Unlike Aaron Samuels, you’re still allowed to like Dairy Milk eggs, even if Regina liked them first).



Damian: Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs



Damian is the kind of classic, feel-good character you love to have around, which is exactly what Reese’s peanut butter eggs are to Easter candy; they’re a classic that you can’t help but love.


Janice Ian: Some obscure candy no one’s ever heard of

Janice is the sort of person who just does her own thing without worrying about trying to be like anyone else. This is exactly why she would be the sort of random candy that most people have never heard of. But, just like the obscure candy, she’s still awesome in her own, quirky way.



Kevin G: Cadbury Caramilk Eggs



Like caramel, Kevin G is smooth as f*ck. At least, he tries to be.



That one random girl from the assembly: Candy Canes


Christmas candy? Please. She doesn’t even go here.


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