Light Up The Sky

She is broken and no one sees.

She cries and no one hears.

She loves and no one knows.

She hurts every second of the day; she screams silently, perpetually, without a word being whispered to a soul.

She bottles and she bottles and she bottles until she can’t bottle anymore


Then she explodes into a million pieces

And they ask “Why?”

They judge her. They condemn her. They hate her.

And all that she wanted was to make them like her.


She forgets that they don’t matter.





Even if it feels like they do


Because she is a beautiful firework

Waiting to light up the sky

And if they want to turn their back on her beauty

Then they don’t deserve to see it


Because guess what?

There are people who want to see you explode into a million pieces

And then there are others who will hold you together

Tie you into the right formation

And let your talent fill the sky


Find them

Hold them tight

Because they are your guardian angels

They watch over you and love you

Even when you can’t love yourself


When you’re in the dark

And you stumble and fall

Stand up soldier

You can do it

You can do it

You can do it

You have the capability

And the capacity to do great things


And when life beats you down

Remember that you can soar to new heights

Every day is a beginning

Do you want to take it?