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Name: Julie Nguyen

Program & Year: Joint Honours Legal Studies and Economics, 2B

Hometown: Windsor, Ontario


Her Campus: What’s in Windsor?

Julie: Unreal pizza and a casino.


Her Campus: So to start off, what clubs are you involved with?

Julie: I am the co-president of the UW Economics Society, logistics organizer for Hack the North and former coordinator for Arts Orientation, youth support worker for oneROOF Youth Services and promotions team member for housing services.


Her Campus: What inspired you join so many organizations?

Julie: I’m a busy body, I always want to be doing something. I wanted to join a lot of organizations in university and to cultivate relationships with other people, since I’m not from the Waterloo area.


Her Campus: From what I know, Hack the North is Canada’s biggest hackathon. What’s your favourite part about it?

Julie: It’s a really big event that does their best to provide an experience that truly represents Waterloo and its tech culture. I love the school- innovation and all, and I want others to recognize the talent that exists here. The scale of Hack the North is huge with 1000 hackers and about 300 additional people involved in making it possible. It’s a logistical challenge that I’m excited to take on with a team of great people.


Her Campus: What’s the most challenging position you’ve held so far?

Julie: An orientation coordinator because I was in first year and it was the first extra-curricular I joined. With that being said, it was really insightful and I learned about my personal leadership style and how to work with a team. It helped me connect with resources on-campus, the Faculty of Arts and upper-year students who’ve helped me out since then.


Her Campus: What advice would you give a student looking to get involved?

Julie: Just get comfortable with being uncomfortable. You’re not going to learn anything new from yourself or develop any new skills if you don’t step outside of your comfort zone. Although it’s hard to take the first step, there are so many people who can help you. Upper year students are really helpful in helping you transition because they’ve been in the same situation before.

Her Campus: What are your goals for the upcoming term?

Julie: Since I’ve started at UW, I’ve done study terms back to back to back, so this is the first term where I’m taking only two courses. This break will give me some time to going to focus on other things like volunteering at the community justice initiatives of Kitchener-Waterloo, running their Revive program which is an outreach and support program for sexual assault victims. And I just want to chill. And study for my LSATs.


Her Campus: What do you like to do in your down time?

Julie: I don’t usually have free time but when I do, I love to cook, go to different cafés because I’m a coffee addict, I try to go to the gym (we can all relate) and binge shop.

Rapid Question Round


Her Campus: Best place to eat on campus ?

Julie: Poke bowls from Campus Bubble.


Her Campus: Best advice you’ve been given? Julie: As long as you have a good head on your shoulders and you’re smart, things will just work out.


Her Campus: Courses you recommend?

Julie: Philosophy of Sex and Love (PHIL 201). Economics of Sport (ECON 254). Select Topics in Criminology (LS/SOC 229).


Her Campus: Favourite professor?

Julie: Phil Curry. He’s super funny and so knowledgeable


Her Campus: Favourite study place on campus

Julie: E5, I’m trying to find my future husband.


Her Campus: Best Netflix show?

Julie: The Crown.


Find out more about Julie:

Facebook Page(s) link: https://www.facebook.com/juliee.nguyenn1

Twitter: @julieenguyen_

Instagram: @julieengyn


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