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An Introvert’s Guide to St. Paddy’s Celebrations!

It didn’t take a Myers-Brigg test, or a Freudian evaluation on a big velvet chaise lounge, for me to figure out I fall more introverted on the spectrum than extroverted. But with St. Patrick’s day closely approaching, I don’t want to miss out on all the fun that comes with university life and living in the Waterloo area in mid March, so I thought I should start preparing myself.

My weekends usually consist of me making plans (that an extrovert would like), having a Raven-like vision of me standing alone at the party bopping my head off-beat, then realizing I really need to cancel. By now I have come to know myself and usually I just laugh at the thought of going out and click ‘still watching’ on my Netflix, while telling my friends “I just have so much work to do.” But, this St. Patrick’s Day I am going out of my comfort zone, and I mean real far, and leaving my residence to celebrate about 800 meters down the road!


Actual depiction of me every Friday night….


And Saturday night, who am I kidding?


I assume (and really hope) I am not the only one who dreads big crowds and prolonged social interactions, so I decided to make this guide for all the introverts out there!


Tip #1: Plan Out Your Outfit

Planning your outfit ahead of time is one last thing to stress about on the day of, and it helps serve as a reminder that you are actually going somewhere!


Tip #2: Bring a Close Friend

For me, it helps when I have a close friend nearby so that if conversation gets awkward or I suddenly need a getaway car, someone is on standby. It will also be comforting having someone you know when you are on a street full of strangers, aka Ezra Street.


Tip #3: Have Plans Set Up Throughout the Day

Another tip I have that helps keep my mind off the whole social interaction whirlwind is to stack my day with activities so I know I have some rule in my life. On a day that isn’t your normal routine, being busy can be the best thing to keep going.


Tip #4: Think of at Least 5 Solid Excuses to Leave

It doesn’t hurt to have a few backup excuses if the whole party scene with 15,000 people isn’t your thing. Just make sure they are at least somewhat believable.


Tip #5: Dream About Getting to Watch TV All Night in Your Bed…

If most of your day has consisted of you overly expressing your hands and then rambling about how you “really wished the cafeteria sold more fresh fruit instead of packaged foods,” you probably just want to get out of there, asap. But, don’t worry. 1, your social skills probably weren’t as bad as you think, and 2, there is a good chance no one will remember the encounter the next day. Just think about how you will be home soon enough, in the comfort of your own bed, and that you at least made an effort!

While I can admit to myself that I am more introverted than extroverted, I think it’s important to get out and have fun, at least every once in awhile. Follow my guide to make the most of your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, wherever they may be!  

Hey - I'm Vanessa Geitz, a fourth-year Public Health student at the University of Waterloo. I am currently the President and Campus Correspondent for HC Waterloo and love writing articles! Also a big fan of the Bachelor, BBT, and books. 
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