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If You Think Greek Life Is All About Partying, Let This Muslim Girl Tell You Otherwise

I remember walking through the SLC on Clubs Day, my first term at Waterloo, when I was approached by a girl advertising Greek life on campus. I listened to her pitch and politely declined; afraid my beliefs would not coincide with those of a “sorority girl”. 

Fast forward to three years later, I found myself wanting to get involved on campus but having limited time to balance my course load, a part-time job and co-op cycles. After scrolling through the university’s clubs page, I came across Greek Council’s description, which read:

“It is a community in which we strive to improve our school and community through hosting philanthropic events and supporting school events”.

It seemed like a great “all-in-one” club that encompassed community service, university events and charitable activities. I put my doubts aside and attended the information session held by Greek Council during Clubs Week. The session addressed the ‘no hazing and alcohol’ policy, along with the stringent bylaws each sorority must follow according to Panhellenic’s guidelines. Reassured by this new information, I decided to participate in the recruitment process and found a home in Kappa Kappa Gamma. The entire process was a pleasant surprise, where each sister I met embodied the friendliness, love, and support fraternities represent. I was assured on multiple occasions that our comfort and safety was their number one priority and the purpose of a sorority is to provide a nurturing environment that fosters academic diligence, community involvement, career preparedness, and sisterhood. My personal experience has been indicative of the sincerity of this purpose.

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Academic Diligence

Greek life’s commitment to academic excellence can be found in the committees dedicated to supporting their members’ educational goals and GPA minimums upon entry and membership. These committees focus on encouraging members to cultivate healthy study habits, provide resources from upper-year students, and incentivize academic improvement and success. This includes tracking each member’s grades and progress throughout the semester, organized study sessions, and academic awards for the highest GPA and most improved sisters. 

Career Skills

Along with academic diligence, Greek life provides members with the skills and resources necessary to ensure career preparedness. They offer the opportunity for members to take on leadership positions in the various committees each fraternity has within their chapter council. This includes academics, event planning, philanthropy, standards, housing etc. Furthermore, several career-focused events are held throughout the year, such as resume critique workshops, LinkedIn headshot photoshoots, co-op application tips and guest lectures from alumni to network with.

Community Involvement 

Each fraternity has a cause that they dedicate their resources and time to throughout the year. Kappa Kappa Gamma’s (KKG) philanthropy, “Reading is Fundamental”, focuses on providing literary resources and skills to underprivileged kids in the community. The Zeta Omega chapter of KKG volunteers at local libraries and plans events around this cause. Fraternities will also team up to plan larger fundraisers and support their fellow Greek members in their initiatives. 


Last but not least is the unforgettable bond formed with sisters that you take beyond your undergraduate years. Each fraternity consists of a dedicated, caring, and inspiring group of young women there to support you along your university journey and beyond.

If you’re looking for a great way to get involved on campus, Greek life is for you! You have the opportunity to participate in volunteering, community services, event planning, and lifelong friendships. The purpose of Greek life is to provide a safe space for members to learn, grow, and respect each other’s individuality and beliefs. Although late to the game, joining a sorority has been the most memorable experience of my undergrad and I encourage people of all backgrounds, faiths, and communities to join. Fraternities appreciate and recognize the uniqueness that each new member brings!

Ayesha Khan

Waterloo '21

Ayesha is a fourth year Health Studies student at the University of Waterloo and a sister in Kappa Kappa Gamma!
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