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I went to a concert alone and here are my thoughts

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Waterloo chapter.

Last month I found out that Tove Lo was performing in Toronto and it so happened that it was during reading week, which was perfect timing. During high school, I used music as a way to cope with the struggles in my life and Tove Lo’s music played a big role in doing so. I asked my friends if they wanted to go but no one was free that day or listened to her music, so I decided not to go. Then last week I realized that the only person stopping me from seeing her was myself. If I really wanted to go to the concert, then why not go alone? I contemplated this for a few days until I somewhat impulsively bought my ticket in my organic chemistry class which I should have been paying attention to. And in just a few minutes, my ticket was bought and I was filled with a rush of adrenaline. In just a few days, it was already the night before the concert and my anxiety rushed in. Was I actually going to an event alone? Would people notice that I came alone? Was it going to be boring with no one to talk to?

The day came and I told myself that I was going no matter what my anxieties were telling me. Thankfully my dad offered me a ride to and from the venue so I didn’t have to worry about the whole safety aspect of getting back home safe. Once I got dropped off, I waited around 10 minutes outside in the line and then I was finally inside. Waiting for Tove to come on was probably the worst part as everyone was socializing with their friends but thankfully we live in a world of smartphones, so I just spent my time scrolling through Instagram and Twitter.  Due to the fact that I was short and was also alone, people were kind enough to let me in front of them which allowed me to get a pretty decent spot. After 20 minutes of waiting, Tove Lo started her set and it was a magical experience. It was really freeing being alone because I didn’t feel the need to entertain someone and I could just live in the moment and vibe to the music.

Overall, I had a pleasant experience and I would definitely do it again. Not all your friends are going to have the same music taste as you, so instead of feeling bad for forcing your friends to spend their money and time to see a performer they don’t listen to, why not go alone? The most surprising thing about this whole experience was that for the majority of the time, I didn’t even feel alone. Everyone there was there for the same reasons I was, to appreciate the artist and have a good time.  The major catalyst for me going was the fact that if I didn’t go, I would have regretted it. Tove Lo has been coming to Toronto for the past four years but I never went due to being busy with school or having no one to go with. Life will always get in the way so when you have an opportunity to do something, take it because you never know when the opportunity will come again. There is nothing wrong with doing things alone and we as a society need to fight the idea that we need other people to go out and do the things we love. 

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