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How to Make the Most Out of Fall 2023

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Waterloo chapter.

I love the fall season. Sweater weather (the temperature AND the The Neighbourhood song), the colourful scenery, the fashion, and the seasonal foods make fall such a beloved season. Sure, we have midterms, but we’re not going to let that completely ruin the season. Let’s dive into how you can make the most of fall this year! 

  1. Hangout at cafes 

There are so many cute cafes to visit in Waterloo, and they can be a perfect spot for hanging out with friends or grinding through some schoolwork. Studying at cafes is always a great idea, but I think it’s especially enjoyable when it’s a little cold out; you can enjoy a warm drink and appreciate the warmth of it a bit more. Cafe Maison on King Street has booth and table seating, and a large variety of drink and food options. Plus, it’s open from 8am until 8pm, so you have lots of time in the morning and afternoon to work or hangout! If you don’t want to go off campus, the Ev3green Cafe in Environment 3 is also very nice. 

  1. Dress for fall

Fall fashion is the absolute best. The weather is perfect for dressing stylish without compromising your internal temperature. I especially love the skirt and sheer tights combination for fall — on colder days, there are tights that are lined with fleece that match your skin colour, so you can still be warm and fashionable. The weather is also great for cardigans and knitted sweaters, and you can’t go wrong with a classic sweater and jeans look.

Corduroy is also a fall essential, whether it be in the form of a jacket or pants. It’s a cozy material, and an easy way to incorporate more colour into your outfits. Even if you don’t want to dress up everyday (I can’t say I blame you) you can still wear fall colours like maroon, forest green, mocha brown, and mustard yellow. You can even paint your nails any of those colours so that you’ll always have a little of that fall spirit in your look.

  1. Bake something 

Fall offers so many seasonal recipes and flavours like pumpkin, apples, and cinnamon that you can make part of your baking projects. An easy fall favourite are thumbprint jam cookies, also known as the “pinterest jam cookies” you may have seen on TikTok (like I have). If you’re a swiftie like me, it’s also the perfect time to make Taylor Swift’s iconic chai cookies. If you haven’t made them yet, this is your sign! Or, if you’re not much of a baker but still want to make something, now is the time to make “Pillsbury Ready to Bake!” Halloween cookies! You just pop the cookies in the oven and then 10-12 minutes later you have freshly baked cookies. 

  1. Make a playlist for fall

I love making playlists for everything, and I’ve recently been loving walking around campus while listening to my autumn playlist, pretending I’m in a movie. Making a playlist for the season really helps set the tone and gives me a more positive mindset. You can’t go wrong with songs from Taylor Swift’s “folklore”, “evermore” or “Red (Taylor’s Version)” albums. My playlist also features songs from Lana Del Rey, TV Girl, and Men I Trust. 

I hope some of these ideas help you fully enjoy fall this year! Remember to take time for yourself, especially during midterms! 

Nikki Rose

Waterloo '28

Hey! I'm Nikki, a BSc Psychology student at the University of Waterloo. I'm an artsy girl through and through, and I'm super passionate about fashion and the beauty industry, as well as classifying everything as an aesthetic.