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How to make it past the Waterloo Winter: 5 Must-Haves

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Here in Waterloo, it can get quite gloomy and cold during the winter, so here are some items/pick-me-ups that have helped me get through it for the past couple of years!

  1. Ugg Sole Covers

These are underrated! The Ugg sole covers are for the girlies that wear their AF1s throughout the winter instead of boots (I know all of us do it). These slip-ons keep the integrity of the shoes and don’t ruin the fit. The covers make the walk to class a bit less dangerous, but can still be a bit slippery if you’re not careful. Keep looking stylish bestie!

  1. Heat packs

Now this is a MUST-HAVE. I get cold super, super easily in the winter, and gloves are just not enough sometimes. I keep heat packs from Costco in my pockets for when it gets colder than my freezer outside, and they’re so helpful. The heat packs are activated by shaking the bag and are about the size of a coin purse so they’re portable and last for around 2 hours for me. Heat packs can be quite wasteful when used frequently so I pick and choose when I really need it. 

  1. Earmuffs

How cute is the fuzzy earmuff look that is all over Pinterest? I found the perfect pair on Amazon and they keep my ears nice and warm. The perfect part? I can wear my AirPods underneath them! No need to buy the Ugg earmuff headphones (they’re on my wishlist as we speak). The puffy white ones go with almost every outfit and are easy to wash if you’re clumsy like me and spill tea all over them. 

  1. Seven Shores Cafe

This is Waterloo specific, but whenever I’m feeling down or need a sweet treat (as we all do after an accomplishment), I head to this café uptown. Seven Shores Cafe has a welcoming aura and the drink menu is almost endless. It’s the perfect study spot to visit for all seasons but something about visiting when it’s snowing outside seems so ✨main character energy✨

  1. Waking up early 

Lastly, the time change messes everyone up! It gets dark before I finish my classes and it seems like I’m living like an owl sometimes. To fix this, I started sleeping earlier and waking up earlier in the Wintertime. This allows me more time to soak in the sun and generally have a more productive day because of it.

I hope the holidays and Winter treat all of you well, until next month!

Vanessa Duong

Waterloo '27

Hi there! My name is Vanessa and I'm in Health Sciences at the University of Waterloo. I love cooking, rambling, and am an advocate for mental wellbeing.