How to Survive Winter: A Checklist

Winter is here! We’ve already had our first snowfall, and I know there’s a lot more where that came from! Instead of hiding under your covers and waiting for spring, get ready to make the most of this snowy season. Here is a quick checklist of ways to survive and thrive this winter!

  1. 1. Stock Up On Tea

    Tea is better during the winter.  There’s something special about having a steaming mug of tea in hand while snowflakes are falling outside.  Bring a thermos to class, have a cup of tea while studying, or find a new variety to enjoy! And when you’re struggling to get through a grey winter day, tea is the hot drink that will give you the perfect amount of energy to keep going.

  2. 2. Stock Up on Winter Gear

    If you’ve lived through an Ontario winter, you’ve likely invested in some winter gear.  Trekking across campus in January will require a solid winter coat, mittens and more. Most importantly, how are you going to run through fresh snowfalls without a pair of boots? Make sure to dress for success to make the most out of this winter.

  3. 3. Get an Indoor Plant

    When the outside world is all bare trees and the snowdrifts seem to never end, it’s easy to forget what a living plant looks like!  Having a plant in your dorm room is a simple way to bring some greenery into your life. Find something low-maintenance, or go for something adventurous!  

  4. 4. Think About Christmas

    “It’s the most wonderful time of the yearrrr.” If the winter blues really start getting to you, think about Christmas!  Whether you observe the holiday or not, it’s a celebratory season! Lights and decorations appear and Christmas music (the best kind) takes over every radio station.  I’m already looking forward to it! 

  5. 5. Enjoy It!

    Even if winter is your least favourite season, look on the bright side.  Winter is full of snow days and hot chocolate and fuzzy sweaters. So even if you avoid the outdoor world, take advantage of this time to get extra cozy inside! 

Did you hit all the points on this checklist?  If you did, you are totally prepared to survive winter this year.  I hope you even learn to love this snowy season!