How Netflix's 'Spinning Out' Helped Me Cope With Virtue/Moir's Retirement

Do you remember where you were when Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir wooed the world with their risky, dare I say sexy, rendition of Moulin Rouge at the Pyeongchang Olympics in 2018? I was on the couch with my mom and sister screaming in utter disbelief and shock, they had done it again! 

Sometimes all it takes to get through a hard day is watching that 8 minute and 14 second video of them absolutely crushing the competition and captivating our hearts. You might as well add it to your Favourites bar, no one is judging!

(^ “R U KIDDING ME” - Scott Moir - All of Canada during THAT lift…)

So are you missing out on your skating fix waiting for the next games? Are you absolutely devastated Tessa and Scott have retired from competition? Girl, don’t you worry, someone from Netflix has got our backs! ‘Spinning Out’, which made its debut at the beginning of 2020, follows the life of Kat Baker, a solo skater, as she switches gears from a life of solitude to becoming a pairs skater with Justin Davis - the rink HOTTIE. A story of love, personal triumph, mental health challenges, and skating - what more could you ask for? Seriously… I think my life is complete after I watched all 10 episodes (in 2 days). This show is binge-worthy, so beware!

(^ Tessa Virtue called and she would like her dress back, thanks!)

So, what gives this show the IT factor?  

  1. 1. The Accuracy

    As a retired CanSkate gal myself I can say the show’s depiction of skater life and the parents is quite on par. Moms sipping lattes with their faces pressed against the glass while gossiping about their mediocre life, kids who could care less what their parents think of their salchow (a cool figure skating jump), and coaches who always believe their skater is going to the Olympics. 

    The entire arena vibe just screams “small Canadian town/city with big dreams of getting their name on the map after an Olympic victory.” *cough* London, ON… *cough*

  2. 2. The Skating

    This is no ‘I, Tonya’ with Margot Robbie whipping out some of her own moves. ‘Spinning Out’ doesn’t just have a star-studded acting cast - check out their list of famous skaters who subbed in for dynamic duo Kat and Justin along with other castmates. 

    Dylan Moscovitch, Johnny Weir, Michelle Long, Trennt Michaud, Elizabeth Putnam, Evelyn Walsh, and others took to the ice to fool us into thinking these stars had learnt a few tricks overnight. 

    Whoever did the editing - you deserve a raise!   

  3. 3. The Location

    If you didn’t realize they filmed at Blue Mountain the second they did a panoramic shot of the lodge, are you really from Ontario? I’ve never even been to Blue Mountain and I knew it. I had this crazy Canadian spider-like sense. 

    What’s better than having the most decorated ice dancers be Canadian? Perhaps having a Netflix original be filmed in Canada? Mmm sure, I guess I’ll take it. 

  4. 4. The Cast

    Oh hey January Jones - what’s up?  Oh hey Primrose Everdeen, I mean Willow Shields - how are you doing?  Oh hey Kaya Scodelario - anything new?

    Like what’s next, is Grandma Baker going to be Cher?   

  5. 5. Justin

    (^ Scott Moir who? Watch out - Justin Davis might just steal your throne!)

    Need I say more? He is my new TV crush (of the month). The actor, Evan Roderick, is also Canadian, like, COME ON, my heart cannot handle this.

So, like, not sure what you’re still doing reading this article when ‘Spinning Out’ is available on Netflix NOW! When you’re done, grab your skates and hit the ice, you have two years to make your Olympic dreams come true! Or is it just me who signed up with their gal pal for figure skating lessons? First female pairs champions ever? Just wait and see! 

Happy skating and happy watching Warriors!   

(^ if you have given up on Virtue/Moir being together, I know just the pair for you (they even look like T&S!))