How Growing up with Sisters Taught Me To Be A Strong Woman

Happy International Women’s Day, ladies! Though being a woman is something to be celebrated every day, take today and this week to really appreciate all that you do as a strong female queen! 

International Women’s Day is celebrated globally and this year it’s on March 8th. The theme for 2020 is #EachforEqual, encouraging all of us to create a more gender-equal world by challenging stereotypes, fighting bias, and celebrating women!  

I have two older sisters who are my idols. Looking back now, very nostalgically, I can really appreciate all that they taught me about being a woman. 

Here’s a list of what my dynamic-duo sisters have taught me:   

  1. 1. Forgiveness.

    Two Women on Balcony

    The greatest example of forgiveness is when I put my sisters t-shirt in the toilet, then she hid it under my bed sheets, THEN I threw it in the garbage, and we still managed to love each other. 

    R.I.P. to that black t-shirt - you were great, but our sisterhood is greater! 

    Learning to forgive one another has kept our friendship tight all these years. Without it, I most likely wouldn’t have talked to them after the age of 6 when one of them wrote a very cryptic story about locking me in a freezer. Forgiveness is key! 

  2. 2. Compassion

    When I came out of the shower on Valentine’s Day crying because I listened to ‘Homesick’ by Kane Brown, my sister didn’t even question why, she was just there to be my friend. She was there to laugh it off with me and that was all I needed. Probably some therapy too, but her compassion did more in that moment than any behavioral therapist could have! 

  3. 3. Loyalty

    The infamous sister swear actually came before the Code of Hammurabi and is the longest-standing and purest law that has ever existed - obviously this is very factual, just don’t ask me for evidence. It has been said that those who break a sister pinky promise are banished to somewhere really, really bad. 

    Learning the value of loyalty was treacherous because sister secrets are always so juicy you want to blab to your other sister. But don’t do it! As in do NOT tell your sister your parents got her a Blackberry for Christmas after you snooped in their closet… Totally ruined the surprise. 

  4. 4. Optimism

    Three sisters with big dreams...and by big dreams I mean to move to the South after our best-selling romance novel takes off, exclusively wearing floral maxi dresses and becoming Reese Witherspoon. 

    Nonetheless, they taught me to always dream big and even when I dream a little too big, they are still right by my side being my cheerleaders. 

  5. 5. Sisterhood

    Two Person Jumping on Brown Soil

    The feeling of sisterhood is one that is unmatched. After going to university and coming to the realization that our silly sister time was going to be split with stressful school time, I learned to love my sisters and the bond we have even more! 

Today and every day, thank a gal pal who makes your heart happy!

Love you forever and always, sistas!