How Gen Z is Pushing for Social Justice

Our world is interconnected in really powerful ways. We see a lot of media every day, for better or for worse! I struggle with putting down my phone, for many different reasons. There is always something new to see. 

There are several apps that keep us connected in very different ways, with different algorithms and platform features. Even as a young adult myself, I struggle to keep up sometimes! 

But despite the constantly changing TikTok dances and Instagram Reel trends, all platforms seem to have one thing in common. 

Generation Z is dominating them. 

Gen Z kids were born between1997 and 2012, a really interesting period of time that saw crazy changes in technology and pop culture. My fourth-grade birthday gift was a Nintendo DS and by seventh grade, I was gifted an iPod touch (back when there was still a home button on iPhones!)

This is the childhood reality for so many Gen Z young adults and it comes through very clearly on social media. Gen Z’s are already influencers, creators, and advocates before they finish their schooling or find their career path. 

Gen Z has created new avenues for campaigning and speaking about the issues they care about. Their exposure to art, music, poetry and other forms of self-expression is bigger than ever before. 

Other generations are starting to pick up on this too. Media platforms have been created specifically for engaging Gen Z individuals in open conversations about change. 

Sophie Beren, CEO and founder of ‘The Conversationalist’ and a 25 Under 25 Social Entrepreneur, started her online platform to promote conversations that matter. 

Sophie is one of the first Gen Z-focused platforms that engaged with me personally. Because of the platform, I have met so many other Gen Z advocates online. 

“The best part about Gen Z’s passion for social justice is that we are using our voices and our passions to build a better future, together.” Sophie explains, “Did you know that 66% of Gen Z is interested in connecting with someone who thinks differently than them, under a shared social cause, and that 78% of Gen Z-ers seek out daily conversations about diverse social issues?”

“Our generation is going to be the driving force behind real, tangible social change that we can actually see in our lifetime and this is no small feat. Whether starting movements, organizations, or important conversations, Gen Z is certainly a force to be reckoned with and I am constantly inspired by our generation’s drive and commitment to coming together to solve the biggest issues that we see in the world.”

She is not alone in recognizing Gen Z’s influence. Elizabeth Lutz, the founder of the media platform ‘G For Generation’ that aims to unite youth voices, reflected on how it has affected her personally. 

“It’s definitely benefited my knowledge of social justice issues.” She shares, “Gen Z is so progressive and on the pulse of important issues happening daily in our world, and they aren’t afraid to speak up for what they believe in to try and make a difference. They’ve absolutely helped shed light on topics for me as a millennial to understand more about!”

What will Gen Z look to change next? The approaching US election and the oil spills in the Indian Ocean are just a few to name. 

As technology evolves, Gen Z influence will too. The world is watching to see what comes next.