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Getting Creative With Candy Corn

No matter how old a Collegiette may be, candy, more specifically candy corn, is always an acceptable and tasty treat. I personally can’t get enough of this festive favourite over the Halloween season.

Luckily, for anyone unable to eat gluten, candy corn doesn’t contain any. The brief list of ingredients required to make candy corn include: sugar, fondant, corn syrup, vanilla flavor and marshmallow creme. Candy corn boasts a mere 150 calories per 21 pieces. This candy is the perfect side for your Hallows eve pre-party or to enjoy while you’re getting ready for the big night.

The website Better Homes and Gardens has blessed us all with a brief history lesson on this yellow, orange and white delight. The website states “According to oral tradition, George Renninger, a candymaker at the Wunderlee Candy Company in Philadelphia, invented the revolutionary tricolor candy in the 1880s”. Additionally, “The Goelitz Confectionery Company brought the candy to the masses at the turn of the 20th century. The company, now called Jelly Belly Candy Co., has the longest history in the industry of making candy corn — although the method has changed, it still uses the original recipe.”

Candy corn has become so popular that other holidays have adopted it. You can now find it over Christmas, Valentines and Easter as well, decorated in the respective holiday’s colour. Here are a couple fun ways you can make the most, of what is quickly becoming a holiday staple, this Halloween:


1. Make an actual candy corn cob…

I found out this mind blowing fact last year, but if you use icing to layer pieces of candy corn in a circle (with the yellow end facing out), you can create a full on corn cob! Pretty mind blowing, huh? These are perfect for your next club meeting or to surprise your squad at an party.


2. Create colourful party drinks!

Hosting a party? You can melt candy corn down for your martinis. Here is a link to a delicious martini recipe. You can also put them into any punch bowl to add to the Halloween aesthetic of your gathering.


3. Use them as toppers for any homemade baked goods…

Baking a cake? Perhaps cupcakes? Maybe Halloween themed macarons? Candy corn is by far the cutest topper for any treat you craft up in the kitchen. Here is a recipe we can’t get enough of.


If your craving for this favourite holiday candy hasn’t yet been satisfied, check out this helpful Buzzfeed article, for a few more creative ways to enjoy candy corn.

Shannon Bradley is a third-year English major at the University of Waterloo. Her life motto is 'view everything as a learning experience'. Shannon is a tea enthusiast, and Zumba junkie. She is also passionate about creative writing, and started http://broadlyshan.blogspot.ca/.
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