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Dress Like a Zombie, Don’t Think Like One: 31 Partying Tips for Halloween

Halloween: a night where all the wildest spirits come out to play! It’s all fangtastic when you’re having a spooky time! Here are 31 tips on how to have a PUMP(k)IN night:


1. Travel in groups

It’s fun to party with all of your friends but it’s also safer!  


2. Plan Sober.

Don’t make decisions with impaired judgments. This can lead to a very messy situation.


3. Secure a D.D.

Make sure you and your friends know who the Designated Driver is for the night.


4. Download Uber/Lyft.

No one wants to be the DD? No problem! Be sure to download a transportation app before you head out for the night!


5. Limit number of friends in your car.

You’re driving? Reserve the seats in your car before you leave so there is no confusion later on and don’t forget to count yourself! For the safety of you, your friends, and others travelling on the same roads as you: DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE.


6. BYO?

Figure out if it’s a BringYourOwn Alcohol and (now that it is legal) marijuana party. Don’t leech off of your friends. Come prepared if you want to partake. Also, it is much safer if you are sure what you are consuming is not laced with anything else.


7. Travel with sealed drinks.

If you will be moving locations with alcoholic beverages throughout the night, make sure your drinks are sealed. It is illegal to have an open alcoholic beverage even if the passenger in the car is in possession of the drink, the driver may be fined.


8. Phone and battery life.

Have your phone with you at all times and be sure it’s at full battery before you leave for a night out.


9. I.D.

Costumes/makeup can tamper with identification. Keep your I.D. with you at all times.


10. I.C.E.

In Case of Emergencies, safety pin your contact information on the inside of your clothes.


11. Dress up!

Halloween is a night for fun! What better way to get into the festive mood than to dress up! Get creative!


12. Dress comfortable.

Extravagant costumes are amazing but not always functional! You will be moving around quite a bit through the night. Make sure you are comfortable. Leave the 6 inch high heels at the door!


13. Culture appropriation.

Avoid cultural appropriation when it comes to your costume. Do your research. If you are still unsure, ask a friend who may be an insider of the culture you are trying to portray.


14. Cash. Cash. Cash.

It is always important to keep emergency cash on you. Card payments and ATM machines are not accepted everywhere.


15. Lost and found.

On a crazy night out big groups tend to split up into smaller groups. It is important to decide a meet up point with your friends where you can meet up if any of you get separated.


16. Opt for House Party

You will most likely only stay in one location for the duration of the night if you go to a house party. Perks: can avoid staying out in the cold, easily accessible washrooms, exact address can be given in case of emergencies.


17. Keep your eyes on your drink.

Be alert! Drinks can be easily tampered. Rule of thumb: if you’ve put your drink down, don’t drink out of it anymore.


18. Know your limit.

It’s all fun and games until you can’t control yourself. It is not safe and it can be a heavy responsibility for your friends, literally and figuratively.


19. Avoid using masks.

Masks can cause ventilation problems and can put you at identification risks.


20. Don’t carry anything that looks like a weapon.

Costumes with props like guns and knives should be left at home. Authorities may assume you to be a threat.


21. Use the main streets.

Use sidewalks and traffic lights as much as possible. Sadly, drunk driving cases still occur so it’s best to walk in areas with light and easy visibility. AVOID shortcuts and j-walking. Tip: try to implement a piece of reflective gear into your costume, even if the paths are dark you will still be visible.


22. Where are you??

The last thing you want is for your loved ones to worry about your whereabouts. If you don’t know the exact location or the address, send your location via GPS/location services on your phone.


23. Buddy system.

Don’t go anywhere alone, even if it’s a trip to the washroom, take a friend with you.


24. Safe sex.

Unless you are in the mood for a spooky surprise, use protection. No ifs or buts, don’t put your health at risk.


25. Stop, evaluate, and call 911 if necessary.

If you see someone in trouble, help them. Think about it this way, if the roles were reversed, wouldn’t you want someone to help you?


26. Avoid engaging in and posting incriminating evidence.

Getting too drunk and dancing on a table? It happens(!) but what shouldn’t happen is for a prospective employer or colleague to see you do that. Once something is on the internet, it’s stays there forever.


27. Stay hydrated.

Hangovers are never fun. Remember to drink water throughout the night.


28. Hosting a party?

Make sure your decorations are safe. For example, using flameless candles for pumpkins. Even if the pumpkin were to be knocked over, there would be no worry for an accidental fire emergency.

Try to limit the number of people in the house. Parties can get very hectic and crowded. It’s best if you have a number of guests that you can control.

Remove all glassware and delicates that can be easily damaged or broken. Drink cups and bowls for snacks are recommended to be kept in plastic containers.


29. Coming from out of town?

Even if you are not planning on staying the night, be sure to have a backup plan as where you can stay in case you change your mind. Asking your friends at the last minute can be awkward and uncomfortable for both you and your friend.


30. Trust your gut.

Make wise decisions through the night. If you feel unsafe, leave. If you don’t think you should be consuming something, don’t. Don’t give into peer pressure and make your own decisions.


31. Don’t forget to have a fangtastic time!

Seriously have fun! There are many things you have to keep in mind but it will be all worth it if you have a positive mindset for the night. Enjoy yourself! Make memories worth remembering! HAVE A SPOOKTACULAR HALLOWEEN!

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