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Doshina Naila: Honours Co-op Student, Pre-Med Club Co-President, and Life Goals

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Waterloo chapter.

We all know one of them. While we’re struggling just to balance midterms, work, and a social life, not to mention trying to find time to sleep, we all know at least one person who manages to do all that, be part of several different extracurricular activities, has ambitions and a plan for how to achieve what they want out of life, and makes it all look easy. Enter: Doshina Naila, or, life goals.    

Name: Doshina Naila

Program & Year: 3B Honours Biology

Hometown: Scarborough

Preferred pronouns: Female pronouns


I hear that you’re the co-president of the Pre-Med Club! How did you get involved with the organization?

The Pre-Med Club was something that interested me even before I had the opportunity to enjoy my first week of classes! When I got accepted to Waterloo, I began researching the classes and labs that I’d be taking in the upcoming semesters. Seeing that first year was more of a general focus rather than a specific “medicine route”, I decided that it would be better to immerse myself amongst peers who are striving towards the same goal and to get pointers about classes, labs, courses and of course, clubs that I could join to better enrich my knowledge of how to get where I needed to get. In doing so, I began researching clubs and other facilities offered at Waterloo and landed on the Pre-Med Club’s Facebook page. I went through their list of events and noticed that they were hiring a new team for the upcoming year – so I decided to apply. I began as a first-year representative for the Pre-Med Club and the rest is history!


What advice do you have for students wanting to get involved in the club?

My biggest advice would be to come out and join us in our events that we have scattered throughout the term to get a better idea of the team, our goals and our initiatives. This way, I feel that students would be more inclined to ask questions or even offer better ideas for events or ways that we carry out events that would help them and us in the long run. If students were interested in joining the executive team, I would tell them to do exactly what I did – apply when the applications are out for the following term!

Want to learn more about the Pre-Med Club? Just visit their website.


Naila posing with other Pre-Med Club Executives.


You are a co-op student, correct? What has been your favourite co-op job so far?

I am a co-op student and have just finished my 3B term, which means I’ve had a total of 4 co-op terms including this term. So far, my favourite co-op job is definitely the one that I’m pursuing currently. I work with UHN and Princess Margaret Hospital for cancer research and am currently testing a novel cancer immunotherapy treatment. It’s great because I get to learn new things and apply all the skills that I’ve built up over the years from some of my labs and tutorials – so I finally get to see some real-world application to the things I’ve always asked “why do I need to know this” for!


What advice would you give to people about to start the cycle of looking for their first co-op job?

DON’T SWEAT IT. That’s my biggest advice. The first co-op rounds have by far the most anxiety-ridden, scary, stomach wrenching feeling because students go in without any expectations. Jobmine (or now WaterlooWorks) is only the first step! I would encourage students to apply to any job that is interesting to them but to keep in mind their limitations. What I mean by that is: if you feel that you would not like to work in Town XYZ during the coldest months of the Canadian winter, don’t apply! Be realistic about what your physical, mental, and emotional capabilities are. In terms of interviews, prepare a few days before your interview – do research on the company and if possible, even on your employers. I’ve had interviews where I was having more of a conversation with my interviewers rather than a question/answer period! Above all, I would like to encourage students to reach outside of the means of Jobmine or WaterlooWorks because you never know whether you’ll stumble upon a job that interests you and could even become a co-op position that you work for.


I hear that you are currently researching with the cognitive psychology lab at UW. Can you elaborate on your research?

Currently, as I am on a co-op work term, I am not a part of the cognitive psychology lab at UW. The short time that I was, however, I was working with the team to analyze movements (of limbs, the way you walk, the position of the cornea in reaction to certain stimulants, etc).

Those interested in joining the Cognition and Natural Behaviour (CaNB) can find more information here.


Where do you see yourself in ten years?

In ten years, I’d love to say that I’d be running my own practice and people would be referring to me as Dr. Naila! I know it’s a far stretch but you gotta love what you want to do with your whole heart!


What do you like to do for fun?

Recently I’ve gotten really into mixed martial arts – Muay Thai to be exact. I tried out my luck in my 2B term with the UW Muay Thai Team and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself! I’d strongly encourage other students to check it out if possible. Other than that, I play a lot of badminton and volleyball in my spare time and in all honesty – most of the time, I’m a couch potato binging Netflix or listening to music.


What is your favourite part of being a university of Waterloo student?

My favourite part of being a University of Waterloo student is definitely being able to take advantage of all the student groups and FEDS organized events. Every day when I walk through the SLC foyer, there are posters, boards, banners, colourfully dressed students cheering or most of the time all of the above – right at my disposal! I have loved the genuine yearning for students to help one another through my last few years at UW.


Where is your favourite place to eat on campus and why?

My favourite place to eat on campus would probably be at The Bomber when the weather is nice. I really enjoy the different foods offered as well as the environment it has to offer.


Who is your hero?

My hero is, as cliché as it sounds, my mom! I’ve watched her struggle through the language barrier, the culture shock, and every struggle of any immigrant parent to get myself and my siblings where we needed to be with the support that we needed.


What is the most important thing you have learned during your time as a UW student?

The most important thing I’ve learned as a UW student is how not to stress. I realize that stressing myself out during exams or labs or any of the above, is not going to help anyone in the equation – most importantly myself. I’ve taught myself the art of all-nighters, two-hour naps and how to optimize energy drinks to my maximal benefit – hopefully they help me out later in life!


What’s your motto?

If you have no power to change the outcome – take the best possible thing from it and move on. Everything happens with good reason.


Are you involved in any off-campus activities? I am an active volunteer with SickKids Hospital in Toronto when I’m in Toronto.

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