Choosing Where to Place Your Heart This New Year

Whether it be a love interest you're confused about or a career path you're on the fence for; the new year means new choices. Are you a career focused person? Are you wondering where to go after undergrad?

Here are some discussion questions to ponder upon before making those new year's resolutions:


1. Who is important to you?

The first people that pop into your mind when this question is asked are often the people you hold dear. This list can be exhaustive or small and quaint but remember to add yourself if you've forgotten. It's so important to take care of you.


2. What are your priorities?

Is education the top of your list? What about healthy relationships? Financial stability? Priorities lie at the heart of your person. They show us our values and are linked to our beliefs and histories. Making a confirmed list of these can and will help in the future inevitable struggles of life. It's important to refresh this list as your person evolves and develops.


3. What do you need to work on?

Have you been slacking on school work? Did you forget someone this Christmas that you actually care about? Are you looking to start a new routine, planner or journal? The goals of the past and the mistakes made can be transferred over into the new year as an improvement rather than a regret.


4. What would you like to achieve?

There are many dreams that come and fade away without fruition. Change the game by taking the first efforts into accomplishing the dream life. If you want a stable job, start with an updated resume. If you want better grades, improve your learning tactics. Don't feel hopeless this time around. Start small.


5. What's the first step in getting to a place where you'll be happy?

Where do you see yourself most satisfied? Most content? Most loved? How can you get there? Try those things first.


This year is so important to your person as it cleans the slate of the past. Sometimes all we need is a new beginning. I wish you the best one yet!