Best On Campus Study Spaces Based On Your Learning Style

If you went to school in the Ontario, you'll remember in high school that you had to take all those quizzes in Civics/Careers class that felt like a waste of time. Now that you’re in university, you’ll discover that knowing more about who you are, what you like, and who you get along with really helps you in the long run. University is a time for self discovery and the more you know about you as a person, the more you can accommodate and take care of your needs. So, taking this sense of self, let’s find the best places on campus that are suited for the unique person you truly are!


Social (Interpersonal)

Do you excel in social settings or do you work best independently? This can define whether you’d do better on a study date or in a quiet, cozy section of the library. For socially beneficial places on campus, you might like the background noise on the upper floors of DP or SLC once it’s done construction versus a more solitary level of the DP library.


Solitary (Intrapersonal)

If you prefer to work alone and use self-study, you’re probably a solitary learner. My favourite place for solitude on campus is the EV1 courtyard. It’s very quiet and you’ll be surrounded by greenery and natural light! It’s good to get there faster before all the outlets are taken.Fun fact - in solitary learners, the frontal and parietal lobes, and the limbic system, are also active!


Aural (Auditory-Musical)

Auditory learners appreciate audio books, learning through speech, explanations and music. Depending on whether you prefer noise during study sessions I’d recommend a nice atmospheric space like rock garden near QNC or a nice place to use headphones to concentrate with your favourite study music like the at large tables in QNC looking over the rock garden.


Visual (Spatial)

Visual learners prefer lecture slides, infographics, drawing and mapping concepts. There’s usually a nice whiteboard to be found in many classrooms when not in use but there’s also the 3rd floor of DP where the markers are provided and is perfect for visualizing what you want to learn!


Logical (Mathematical)

Logical learners like when things make sense, are easy to grasp, or are outlined in a way that’s comprehensible. Logical thinkers prefer using logic, reasoning and systems to learn. The most logical place to study is somewhere with food, outlets for chargers, and comfy seating.


Physical (Kinesthetic)

Do you prefer hands on activities? Does information stay longer in your mind if you can apply it to real life? You’re probably a physical learner and it’s great to get work done in MC or RCH where it’s always available.


Verbal (Linguistic)

If writing and speaking and language really help you to conceptualize you could be a verbal learner.You prefer using words, both in speech and writing. Get yourself a study space with lots of table space for writing notes. This could potentially be DC Library!


Whatever you learning style may be, make sure you cater to it! Personalize your studying habits and locations to your style, and you will succeed! Happy studying Warriors!