Beginners Guide to MUDGIRL Run

Over the last few years, I’ve been seeing more and more posts advertising “MUDGIRL Run” both through official advertisements and just through friends posting photos from their participation in the event. Seeing how much fun my friends were having at this event prompted me to do a little bit of research to see if this is not only something I would be actually interested in but also if it is something that I could actually do (I’m not the most active person).




The first thing you see on their official website indicates that the annual event is an “obstacle race dedicated to women” which I found really intriguing. As it turns out, participation at each event is limited to female racers aged 7+ and you’re able to join as either an individual or you can set up a team with your squad. If any gentlemen (18+) wish to attend as a show of support, there is an entrance fee of $10 ($5 of which will be given as a donation to the Breast Cancer Foundation). If you’re looking to expand your community service outreach, you’re also welcome to participate in the event as a volunteer.



As a soon-to-be first time participant, the idea of completing a ~5k obstacle race/course seemed a little bit daunting at first BUT all of their obstacles are advertised as “fun and do-able by all”. In fact, participants are actually encouraged to run or walk at their own pace and if there is an obstacle that you don’t feel comfortable doing, you can go around it and rejoin the race at the other side.



Although there are no Kitchener/Waterloo locations set for the 2019 races, there are a number of dates and locations in Ontario and Quebec including the two dates in Hamilton that are already sold out! They are in the process of adding new dates.



The cost to participate in the event as a racer is currently set at $59 (the price increases as the dates draw nearer). Each racer will get a finisher medal, headband, wristband, tattoos, race bag, photos, a reusable water bottle, and more with their registration! Parking and a “bag drop” option come with additional costs.


Although I am currently not the most active person on the planet I’ve registered for one of the event dates and am excited to not only to train for the event and push myself but to get muddy and join the #PinkArmy!

If this event is something you might be interested in, I hope you’ve found my article informative and I encourage you to check out the MUDGIRL Run official website for more details:


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