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Back to School Wardrobe Essentials

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Waterloo chapter.

It’s back to school season! Although this can be an anxious time for many people, I’m trying to think on the bright side with all the items in my closet I can whip out again.


1. Blanket Scarf

Nothing says cozy like a blanket scarf. It looks chic when paired with an outfit, but also doubles up to be an actual blanket when you’re stuck studying in a cold library.

2. Sweatpants

Some days, you just won’t want to. Sweatpants are here to save you. There’s so many styles these days, you could even dress them up if you wanted. If you’re like me and want the most comfortable thing out there, sweatpants are your friend.

(accurate image of me in my sweatpants)


3. Ankle boots

Ankle boots are the perfect transition shoe. You can wear them in almost all temperatures, although I wouldn’t recommend them for snowy days. They can easily be dressy with a little heel, or basic for everyday use.

4. Hoodie

Everybody has that one favourite hoodie. Your go-to when you can’t be bothered for that 8am class. Plus they can be paired with the sweatpants for days when you really can’t deal.


5. T-Shirt Dress

I really like t-shirt dresses because they look like you’re putting in a lot of effort when you’re actually not. Instead of picking a top and a bottom, you’re wearing 1 item that covers it all! The fabric is also really comfortable, and food babies can easily be hidden.


I hope you all have a great school year Warriors!


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