Back to Green

This past Christmas I got the gift of reusable sandwich bags and stainless steel straws. This beginning of semester, I give you the gift of a guide on how to make this new start an eco-friendly one!


1. Bring your lunch to class

If your professor doesn’t mind, pack a lunch! You don’t have to deprive yourself by starving or even packing a healthy yet unsatisfactory lunch. Listen to your taste buds by packing a lunch you enjoy. This means less food, packaging, and plastics wasted. Don’t forget to bring out the reusables when you do this.


2. Compost regularly on campus

Campus recently added compost in almost every building. Utilize these properly by stopping to check the little posters above the disposal!


3. Participate in environment challenges

Challenges like zero-waste, low waste, less meat, and waste reduction are amazing initiatives that make these transitions fun. You can be experimental, hesitant or competitive but all in all you’ll be making a difference. These can always be done on your own terms if you feel too constricted by the rules.


4. Sell your textbooks

You can pawn it off at the Feds Used Bookstore, send it away in the Textbooks for Change donation boxes, or give them to a friend who will be in your debt forever. There are also many Facebook Marketplaces that help you find a new owner for that ghastly Statistics brick you probably never want to touch again.


5. Go thrifting​

You don’t have to have brand names to be stylish this new term. You can find that perfect date/Phil’s outfit at Thrift on Kent, Plato’s Closet, or the next Clothing Swap led by clubs.


6. Carry that reusable bottle

My biggest regret is always this. Get one that’s portable, durable, and perfectly suited to you. Hydration is your best friend in this ugly weather.


7. Go paperless

Or as paperless as you can get! Paper will always be in demand. Have an impact on the trees cut down by taking notes online.


8. Visit Zero Waste Bulk

You don’t have to go zero waste to visit this store.  They have the best reusable pads for that time of the month (that we all dread, am I right ladies?). They have cute produce bags you can take to Walmart/Sobeys/Zehrs. You can even get this bread from here with their Aroma-cafe-provided fresh loaves.


9. Upcycle notebooks

Use the leftover paper. Reuse that pen. Don’t buy more supplies if you have all that you need right in front of you.


10. Tread carefully

Be kind where you go. Don’t chase after geese. Plant kindness and consideration wherever you walk.


Why care?

Environment surrounds us all. We are all affected by the air we share and the food that comes from far off places. If we do not stop ourselves in this path to destruction we won’t have a path at all. You can probably save money too. So, why not?