To All Those Hurt By Those They Cared For

To all the people that have been hurt by someone they cared for deeply:

I feel your pain. You have been the best friend/partner you could possibly have been. You gave them the world. You gave them the sun and the moon. You were there when they needed you most. You built loyalty, trust, and a strong relationship with them.

Yet they threw the world away. Yet they threw the sun and the moon away. Yet they weren't there when you needed them most. Yet they destroyed the walls of loyalty, trust, and that relationship.

You may think to yourself “What did I did wrong?” “Was it because of ____?” “I must be the one in the wrong.

YOU DID NOTHING WRONG. If you have done everything you possible could, been the best person you can possibly be, and not done anything to damage the relationship, then it’s not on you.

It’s on them.

It brings up the fact that we can’t control others, we can only control ourselves. We can't force anyone to like us. Shoving a chocolate cake in someone’s face doesn't mean that they will like it. They may take the cake and eat it but it doesn't mean anything.

In times like this what we can do is give the same treatment that we gave to that person we cared so much for to ourselves. We can treat ourselves with the same kindness, give ourselves the world, the sun, and the moon. Be the best person for ourselves. Once we do that, we know how we should be treated and won’t accept any less. We won't treat others like that as well.

So go love yourself! You are worth it!