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6 Kinds of Geese Every Waterloo Student Has Seen

Have you ever been on a peaceful walk on campus, only to have a honking goose interrupt your thoughts? Well, if you attend the University of Waterloo, chances are you’ve most likely encountered these kinds of geese throughout your university years because really, it’s inescapable.


1. A Relaxed Mr. Goose

Spot a “chill” goose just sitting down or waddling around campus? Not to worry, it’s a normal part of Waterloo’s culture. You’re safe – for now.


2. A Hissing Goose

This is no joke – one goose hissed at me while I was walking until someone rode past on their bike, causing it to back away in fear, and it wasn’t even mating season.


3. Nesting Season Geese

These ferocious creatures will attack you if you aggravate them and come too close, but hey, we can all admit that it’s pretty funny seeing others get chased by an angry goose.


4. Mr. Goose on Top of A Building

As our leader, he conquers the university and watches over us from the distance. He’s the hero we need, but don’t deserve.


5. Geese Blocking Traffic

They’re like university students; they take their own sweet time while crossing the road, where everyone gives way for them because it’s always their right of way.


6. A Loud, Flying Goose

Cue the signature honking and loud flapping of their wings.


Always remember to thank Mr. Goose before your exams.

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Jamie Su


Jamie is a passionate dog lover studying Honours Arts at the University of Waterloo. As an INFP, Jamie finds comfort in writing, reading, and a good cup of tea.
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