6 Interesting TED Talks You Should Check Out

With the second round of midterms upon us, Waterloo students far and wide are gearing up for late night study sessions, frequent timmies runs, and lots and lots of studying, which of course brings the need for study breaks in between. And there’s no better way to take a break than watching a TED Talk to learn something new (and convince yourself that it’s the same as studying anyways)! Here are some of my favourite TED Talks *in no particular order*

1. Why You Will Fail to Have a Great Career - Larry Smith

Don’t let the title mislead you, if you haven’t seen this talk already it’s definitely worth the watch! This video will inspire you to chase your passions and get that great career you came to Waterloo in the first place!


2. I’ve got 99 Problems...Palsy is Just One - Maysoon Zayid

Perhaps one of the funniest talks I’ve watched; Maysoon Zaid is not here for your sympathy - in fact she’s doing beyond great and she wants you to know it! A prime example that disease and disability do not define a person and that anyone is capable of anything!


3. How to Stay Calm When You Know You’ll be Stressed - Daniel Levitin

This talk emphasizes and explains why it is best to plan and think ahead - how to train your brain to give yourself the best chance at success in a stressful situation. I love this TED Talk because it can be applied to so many aspects of life - from personal experiences to work and of course, school! Perfect for everyone entering exams and continuous round!


4. How to Seek Truth in the Era of Fake News - Christiane Amanpour

With everything going on currently and in this past year, this talk is so relevant and important to watch! Question everything, be curious, be careful, and beware of FAKE NEWS!!


5. Should You Live for Your Resume or Your Eulogy? - David Brooks

As a Student we’ve all had those particularly rough days when you wonder, “what’s the point of this PD assignment?” and why you even chose Waterloo co-op. This short talk takes the time to reflect on human nature and will leave you thinking long after its end.


6. The Fringe Benefits of Failure - J.K. Rowling

As my favourite author, J.K. Rowling’s Harvard Commencement Speech would no doubt make the cut on this list (fun fact: this speech is also available in a book form called “Very Good Lives”). A true inspiration, J.K. Rowling talks about her experiences and how reaching rock bottom became the “foundation on which [she] built her life”.