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5 Ways to Treat Yourself This Valentine’s Day

It’s almost that one specific day of the year that we dedicate entirely to love. However, maybe one of your goals for 2018 is just learning to love yourself a little bit more. If you aren’t spending this year with a significant other, we have come up with five different ways for you to treat yourself to something sweet this international love day.


1) Take Yourself Out for Dinner

Who says you can’t enjoy a nice meal alone? There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking yourself out to your favourite restaurant and ordering your favourite dish and dessert. If you hate the idea of dining alone, why not invite a few friends to join you. If you don’t usually dine out this can be a great way to do something a little extra for yourself this Valentine’s Day.


2) Get Your Nails Done

Nothing makes me feel more put together than having my nails done. Whether you opt for matte, sparkles, or nail art, there is no limit to how fabulous your nails can make you feel. Although, if nails aren’t your thing, why not treat yourself to a haircut and blowout? A little something extra can really go a long way for your confidence.


3) Buy Yourself a Book

Is there a new book you’ve been dying to read? Maybe a romantic book of poetry or the latest and greatest New York Times bestseller? There is no better time than Valentine’s Eve to get cozy, light your favourite candle, and cuddle up with a new book.


4) Remind Yourself Why You Are Awesome

You read that right! You. Are. Awesome. Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples and it certainly isn’t a day you should feel bad about being fiercely single. Write a list of all the things you have to offer and remember that you are complete on your own. If you’re having a hard time getting started why not brainstorm a list of words for each letter of your name that describe what makes you unique and worthy of self-love.


5) Watch Your Favourite Movie

Perhaps there is a movie that makes you fall over laughing or one that just makes you feel really happy. Why not get your mind off the mushy-gushy aspects of this holiday by sitting back and relaxing with your favourite film.



However you decide to spend this lovers’ day, we hope you remember that there is no shame in doing it single or with friends — have a great Valentine’s Day Collegiettes!

Shannon Bradley is a third-year English major at the University of Waterloo. Her life motto is 'view everything as a learning experience'. Shannon is a tea enthusiast, and Zumba junkie. She is also passionate about creative writing, and started http://broadlyshan.blogspot.ca/.
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