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5 Tips for Sorority Recruitment During the Pandemic

Worried about what recruitment will be like in 2020? When you're prepping for recruitment, you have no idea how it's going to go during a regular fall semester. Right? Now add in a global pandemic and the recruitment process gets even more complicated. If you're thinking of joining a sorority this fall, here are 5 tips to help you get through it!

Recruitment is not just for freshmen

You don’t have to be in your first year of university to be a part of a sorority. You can join a sorority regardless of where you are in your academic journey and it will not take away from your studies. In fact, most sororities require that all of their members meet a specific grade average. They also host academic-focused events such as study sessions to help keep you focused! This is especially helpful since we are facing an unprecedented fall term that could be all virtual. A sorority can help keep you on track!

Stay hydrated

It doesn’t matter if you’re doing virtual or in-person recruitment this fall, hydration is key! Staying hydrated will keep you energized and feeling good. You will be doing A LOT of talking so keep water close by. If your recruitment is in person, I recommend bringing your own water bottle just in case. Sororities may not offer snacks and beverages as they have in the past during recruitment week.

Avoid Topics That You Wouldn’t Mention In Front of Your Grandma

If you talk about drinking, drugs, or partying in front of your grandma, I’m pretty sure you’d get a response like “Young lady! How could you do such a thing!”. We’ve all been to parties and have seen the kind of crazy things that can happen there. Sorority members are advised to steer the conversation away from those topics during recruitment and prefer not to be put in that awkward position. Be advised that all conversations you have with sorority members can be talked about after the rush event is over.

Clean up your social media

Make sure everything from your Instagram to your TikTok account is clean. This is especially important if your school's recruitment is virtual! Virtual recruitment is a new way of joining a sorority that has never been done before. It’s likely that a lot of decisions will be made based on your online presence. Sororities want to see what you're truly like and if there are any red flags, the sooner you clean it up the better. Once you have registered for recruitment, the sororities will have your name and will start to look you up on social media.

Be yourself

Being genuine is the most important thing! You want to end up in the sorority that’s right for you and this can only happen if you stay true to who you are during recruitment. The girls recruiting you are just as nervous as you are. Wear clothes that you feel confident in and talk to people! The more people you talk with and become friends with, the better your recruitment experience will be. 

Visit @waterloosororities on Instagram or click this link for more information about how to sign up for virtual recruitment this Fall

Elizabeth is a student at the Univeristy of Waterloo and a sister in the Zeta Omega chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma
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