5 St. Patrick’s Day Outfits Ideas

St. Patrick’s Day is fast approaching, and that means you need to have an outfit picked ASAP! So the classic questions begin: Do you want to be extra? Do you want to stay low-key? Or do you want to paint yourself head to toe in green glitter? Here are a few outfit ideas we hope will give you some inspiration for your own outfit on St. Patrick’s Day.


1. Low-key

If you want to stay low-key, the easiest way to do that is by throwing in little splashes of green into your outfit. Throw on a green flannel or green sweater over top some jeans or leggings and you’re ready to go.



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2. Extra AF

If low-key isn’t your style, get the glitter and go ALL OUT. Grab those glitter shorts at the back of your closet or that sparkly shirt you never seemed to have a purpose for but you bought anyways. This is your time to shine ladies!  



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3. Slogan Tee

This is probably one of your safest bets. Grab a shirt that has some short of reference to the day on it and it’s a 10/10 great way to show your spirit for the holiday.



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4. All Green or Nothing at all

Don’t hold back! You can totally make an all green outfit look cute! Grab a green dress or playsuit and you’ll be good to participate in all the celebrations! Bonus points if you can somehow sneak a St. Patrick’s day reference in there.  



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5. Accessorize with Green

Don’t have any green clothes in your closet? No worries, you can still show you spirit through your accessories. Grab some green earrings, a choker, a scarf or even a headpiece to spice up your outfit.



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No matter how you decide to dress for the day, make sure you drink responsibly and stay safe. Have fun Warriors!